The Top 10 IT Consultancy Companies in the UK

If you’re looking to get your business off the ground and need some assistance, an IT consultancy company can be the perfect option.

They are experts in their field, they understand the technology that your business requires to work, and they’ll be able to solve any problems you have quickly and efficiently, allowing you to get back to the normal running of your business or organisation.

Of course, with so many IT consultancy companies available out there, how do you choose which one will be right for you?

What is an IT consultancy company?

An IT consultancy company is a business that offers advice to clients on how they can make better use of technology. Typically, these businesses focus on helping companies set up their technology systems and policies, implement software and networking upgrades, manage data storage and backups and troubleshoot issues as they arise.

Some also offer help with hiring staff to manage a company’s tech needs or provide tech-related training services for employees. Although there are many different types of consulting firms out there, all consulting companies generally have one thing in common: They charge a fee for their services.

Top 10 UK Consulting Companies

An overview of some of Britain’s best companies when it comes to technology-related services. Largely, they offer a range of IT solutions that can be designed and delivered based on your specific needs. This guide will walk you through some of these options and give you a good idea of what to expect. If you’re interested in getting started with one of these companies, make sure to read our reviews below. We hope they help!

Here the list goes on.


One of Anderson’s specialities is healthcare software development. Anderson is an international custom software development company. The company has established more than ten offices in development and sales in various countries since its inception in 2007.

The company employs over 2700 highly qualified specialists who develop and customize corporate IT solutions, web applications, and mobile applications. With over 950 successful projects completed, Anderson has received hundreds of positive client reviews.


Founded in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Instil Software specializes in software engineering. About 30 Instil employees work across various industries. The company was founded in 2005. Custom software development, mobile app development, cloud consulting, IT integration, and web development are among the services that they offer.

3) Rapid IT Support

Rapid IT Support is one of the top IT services providing companies in the UK. Keeping your systems running smoothly is their most important priority, and they provide you with proactive support. Since they are small businesses themselves, they understand the value of your time.

Small and medium-sized businesses can rely on their industry-leading services, allowing them to concentrate on what they do best. The company works tirelessly to ensure your business keeps moving forward, no matter what.

Crisis management processes at the company are streamlined, polished and provide the ultimate safety net in the event of a disaster. Choosing Rapid IT means you are always protected against a disaster. Their engineers keep in constant contact with their account managers to ensure clients get the best support possible.


Its headquarters is in Wembley, United Kingdom, home to Transputec, a midsize cybersecurity company. The company specializes in cybersecurity, IT managed services, and custom software development, and was founded in 1984.


BJSS, with headquarters in Leeds, is an IT consulting firm with offices in London, New York, and Bristol and Manchester, United Kingdom. Since 1993, 750+ members of the team have provided customized software development, application testing, and IT strategy consulting for enterprise and midmarket clients.


Based in High Wycombe, the United Kingdom, Atech Support Ltd provides cloud computing services. About 35 employees work for this company, which provides IT consulting and managed services relating to cloud and IT strategy.


EI Square focuses on Big Data analytics. This city is where The Fleet, a United Kingdom-based business, was launched. In addition to BI & big data consulting and SI and IT strategy consulting, the small team also offers IT training.


Smartdesc is an IT company with a team of fewer than 50 employees located in London. Since 2011, they have offered IT strategy consulting, cloud consulting, and cybersecurity solutions to small businesses and nonprofit organizations.


Impact Advisors is a New York-based big data company. As of 2016, 10 employees are employed by this company. The company offers business consulting services including IT strategy, big data consulting, and cloud consulting.


Silicon Reef specializes in SharePoint development and Microsoft 365 solutions. They were established in 2016 in the United Kingdom, with offices in London, Chester, and Bournemouth.

A variety of services are offered, including consultancy, campaign-based web development, and front-end design. Their services include migration and strategic road-mapping, as well as full-service development partnerships, and they support medium-sized to enterprise clients.

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