Tips to avoid Amazon drop shipping suspension?

Are you planning to work as a drop shipper at amazon then this article may add value to your knowledge as working in the amazon eCommerce market is hard for both seller and drop shipper? You don’t know when an unexpected suspension is waiting for you.

Mostly, it happened as the seller or drop shipper you are aware of your rights but ended up not following the rules and policies of Amazon which leads the seller and drop shipping accounts towards the suspension process.

Which is another horrible nightmare for the sellers and drop shippers. Account suspension means no profit and no gain. This difficult suspension process may be prolonged to 30 to 60 days or sometimes more than that if you got declined notice after appealing so, how to avoid amazon drop shipping suspension?

Here are some of the tips that are mentioned above through which you can save yourself from the suspension process. but before mentioning the tips isn’t it great if you will get to know the most common reason that causes suspension?

  • Not following the Amazon drop shipping policy.
  • selling low-quality products.
  • Fail to Report Intellectual Property Complaints
  • Running different Amazon Seller Accounts
  • Hacking Amazon seller accounts
  • Selling restricted products
  • Fake reviews and complaints or other Amazon accounts
  • Copyrights claims and issues
  • Unauthorized sales

Now after running down the most common reasons let’s discuss the important tips to avoid the amazon drop shipping suspension;

Avoid retailing stores and Dropshipping from Approved suppliers 

Amazon had a list of approved wholesalers and the drop shipper is recommended to follow and dropship products from the Amazon approved wholesalers because if you drop ship from the retailers then there are chances that the products that are drop shipped to the customers are packed in the retailer packing which creates a lot of confusion for the customer.

Gradually season your Amazon seller account 

Now that’s the most important tip which needs your attention more precisely. As you know Amazon never shows interest in new sellers. So, for initial 3 to 6 months you have to be cautious and seasoned your account to get the authorization letter from google.

It is the most common hack and tip that many drop shippers have tested and find safe to gain the trust of Amazon as for some time the Amazon seller performance team will watch out to monitor your activities at the account.

So, first, create the amazon account, and in the first-month list any one product from their inventory and list the second product in the second month from their inventory. Similarly, maintain the order for 3 to 6 months to achieve the authorization and trust of the seller performance team.

Buying old/aged account

That’s the most useful and easy tip you can also buy any seller account that is actively working for some time. the account must have a maximum of 1 year of selling history but here you have to be cautious and don’t try to change the ownership either way you might break the policy.

Final words

Well, I hope you have understood the tips and also a rundown from the list of most common reasons that cause drop shipping suspension. So, avoid them and earn profits by working as an amazon drop shipper.

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