Top 7 Best Selling Adidas Sneakers of All Time

People constantly return to this German firm for its shoes, despite the company’s production of a range of other items and sporting gear. Adidas has a long history of producing a diverse range of footwear, ranging from low-tops to basketball shoes. But which of the hundreds of styles of shoes they’ve produced is the finest one out of all? We will look at 7 pairs of Adidas sneakers that we think are the greatest ever made.

The Superstar of Adidas:

A new Adidas basketball shoe, the Superstar, was a huge success in the hoop world in 1969. Using the Pro Model, the brand inserts them on the back. Interesting fact: in the early 1970s, this shoe was the ideal hoops shoe because of its many wearable design features. 

The rubber bottoms offer good traction, while the leather uppers are durable, and the midsole has a little quantity of EVA for impact protection. These features combine to make the Superstar one of the most popular Adidas shoes that save money even when not in use on the court. It has a place on any brand’s list of shoes and you can easily buy these sneakers with many discount codes for Adidas shoes

The Stan Smith from Adidas:

This one can be figured out with only a few educated guesses. This list wouldn’t be complete without the Adidas Stan Smith. To meet the specific demands of professional tennis players, Stan Smith will be a game-changer when it debuts. On the other hand, Basketball players have a similar set of requirements. 

The end product shares common traits. An EVA midsole and basic design cues complement the leather top, making for a more understated look. Tennis is in the midst of an exciting period right now. As the game gained popularity, the number of athletes sponsored by companies increased. The renowned Stan Smith sneaker meets the game’s visual criteria.

The Adidas Samba:

The Samba is regarded as a more practical soccer shoe among sneakers enthusiasts. Despite its athletic roots, there’s more to it. The Samba debuted in 1950 as a soccer performance shoe, but it takes on new significance in places like England. Known as “casuals,” these are the people that wear the Samba. This disguise would not be complete without the Samba in all its black leather glory. 

Adidas Los Angeles:

For some, the Adidas LA is an unexpected inclusion on our list. The company sells 1990s Adidas footwear. As a result, it quickly became one of Adidas’s most popular models, and its release in 1984 helped cement its place in history. 

Like many Adidas launches, this shoe seeks to defy several 80s fashion norms. In addition, it’s aiming to establish a few more. As a result, the design’s most distinguishing feature is an adjustable cushion system operated by pegs in the midsole.

Stockholm: Adidas

Like other classic Adidas styles, this one has endured over the years. Everyone like the combination of a clean upper and a grippy bottom. That is, after all, the core of most high-end sneakers. In addition, the Adidas Stockholm comes in a hue that pays homage to Sweden’s national anthem. As a result, it is a cinch to find a buyer for it. This model’s popularity is easy to see. Multicolored tops are a popular shoe style.

Trimm Trab by Adidas:

The Trimm Trab has the appearance and feels of a night-out shoe. It was designed with that in mind. However, because of its unique design, it stands out from the non-athletic population.  Because of its unique personality, the Trimm Trab has inspired some of the most popular Adidas running shoes. It may no longer be the ideal running buddy for a stroll in your neighborhood park. As a result, a large number of Adida’s most elite functional models are influenced by this design. 

The Adidas Gazelle:

An early example of adidas’s expertise in running shoes is the Gazelle. As a fashion item, it’s known more for its affordability and dynamic nature than a few years ago. The Gazelle is a visual stunner because of its wide range of color options, many of which are striking in their finish. The most well-known version of this shoe is the Blue Suede model. 

For those who aren’t shoe lovers, this hue remains one of the brand’s best-selling shoes. It’s a lot like the Superstar and Stan Smith models in this regard. Global, not specialized. Adidas’s decision to use suede for this shoe is a novel one. Choosing this as a material isn’t precisely a strike-out. 

Suede is a durable alternative, although it wasn’t as popular in the 60s as other synthetic materials. In 1968, the sneakers made their debut, and everything changed. The launching of the Gazelle foreshadowed the arms race of suede uppers among running shoe makers in the 1970s and 1980s. However, if you are worried about the price, use the coupons for Adidas shoes that can help you save a lot of money when purchasing. 


Putting this list together was a challenge due to the breadth of the Adidas portfolio. Nonetheless, we’ve compiled a thorough list of the most popular Adidas models. This brand’s extensive history includes unique designs and cultural importance. Adidas’ goods are especially impressive since they are so far ahead of the curve. Nike’s shadow hasn’t always been large over Adidas. Instead, the company devotes significant resources to building a loyal customer base.

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