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5 Trending Clocks of 2022 for Your Home

Are you in the market for a new clock? If you don’t know what you’re searching for, the countless alternatives might make your head spin. Many wall clocks are ornamental additions that you may utilize to show your unique style rather than just being useful devices to tell you the time.

A wall clock must fulfil some practical characteristics of convenience and quality in addition to its aesthetic appeal. You want to know that you’re getting the most bang for your buck – something that’s both dependable and long-lasting. You must also answer some personal preference questions before making your decision. Do you want a digital or analogue clock? Do you want one with a nightlight or a weather forecast? A chime, perhaps? Do you want a big wall clock, a round clock, a decorative clock or a stylish clock?

Sifting through the vast selection of unique clocks available might be overwhelming. Here we are to take you through the top trending clocks of 2022 to assist you in choosing the best clock for your home or workplace.

  • Miller Cycle Shaped Metal Wall Clock: This antique clock has a timeless aura of old and classic design. It is based on the groundbreaking bicycle idea known as Penny-Farthing. You can get this round clock that adds historical beauty to your décor from Wooden Street, that too within RS. 2000. It is perfect for a café, a restaurant or your home.

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  •  Antique Brass Metal Fitted on MDF Wooden Base with Dome Glass Decorative Wall Clock: This clock     online nicely blends in with the existing décor of your space and sticks to your wall for long-term functionality. The elaborate pattern on the frame screams quality craftsmanship. The vintage clock features a 12″ dial with a brass finish and is mounted on a black polished MDF hardwood base with a dome glass. It is suited for both workspace and home.
  • Flint Hand Carved Wooden Wall Clock: The Flint Hand Carved Wooden Wall Clock will add a touch of antiquity to your wall. The Roman numerals, which appear exceedingly sophisticated, give it an edge to its 80s attitude. This living room clock does not only look classy and antique but it accents up your wall with mere its simplicity. The best part is that it can go well both in traditional and contemporary settings.
  • Golden Grapevine Wall Clock: This wonderful Home décor piece from Wooden Street will provide a sense of spirituality and peace to your home. They are made of premium quality wood and bring beauty and charm to any house! On the circular carvings, this wall clock bears testament to exceptional craftsmanship. They own the power of transforming a boring wall into most interesting and fascinating wall.
  • Vini Coin Studded Brass Metal Wall Clock: Are you one of those mystery coin collectors who would pay hundreds of dollars for a rare and old penny? Vini Coin Studded Brass Metal Wall Clock communicates your passion loudly. This lovely large clock has a substantial body covered in coin patterns on brass and is sure to win hearts. The Roman numbers adorn a pendulum and may quickly change your entire living area.

Wooden Street is always a step ahead when it comes to clock design. We have everything for you, from sleek circular frames to wild, charming forms. Clocks are deserving of your affection and care in order to ensure that you are always on time. Make sure you spend your money on something that will complement your home and thrive in it. Remember to keep the clock somewhere visible so you’ll always know when it’s time to go to work and when it’s time to take that most needed break and eat the cake.

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