Want to Overcome Rahu in Pitra Dosh?

Here’s what you can do ….

When Rahu, who is spiritual but has no physical body, is connected to the Sun, it casts such a shadow over it that the Sun forgets to act in the way it usually does. And the Sun allows Rahu access to its resources. Rahu is also referred to as an artificial Sun in this way. This Rahu is the main plotter to strip the Sun of its regal qualities and adds a Pitra Dosha blemish to it. Additionally, Rahu changes the native’s spirit in such a way that their beneficial traits and virtues are overshadowed, whereas the undesirable traits are added on top of it. The negative traits of the native are accentuated as a result of Pitra Dosha’s influence. As a result, native acquires a negative reputation in society. This is still possible even if there are people who are significantly more lacking in virtues than the natives.

Rahu’s influence on the Pitra Dosha

This effect generally conveys displeasure, drug and alcohol addiction, hallucinations and illusions, unknown illnesses, insanity, the company of evil individuals, and wickedness…. Basically all the qualities that a typical villain in any movie has! But yes, Rahu if left unchecked may lead the local to poverty, enemies may cause difficulty, children sometimes cause emotional problems, and there may be issues with a property or marriage conflict, decrease longevity, and decrease in stature. 

Due to our ancestors’ unfulfilled wishes and unfinished business, Pitra Dosha develops. What can the heirs do in their current lives now that they have already passed away? The descendants must change their karmas in this life if they want to escape. The Pitra Dosha can be changed to a good Pitra Dosha with a little karma adjustment. This has the effect of bringing and showering the native with many positive consequences. This explains how the Pitra Dosha’s placement in certain houses might lead to particular thrones in a native’s life. Similar to this, some karma correction can turn the native’s Pitra Dosha curses and problems into blessings.

Here are a few remedies one can follow to overcome Rahu in Pitra dosh… 

  • Donate money and red clothes to them and perform Pitru Tarpan on a Sunday of Sankranti or Amavasya.
  • As a remedy for this dosh, the native should arrange for Pitra Dosh Nivaran puja which comprises Tripindi Shradh and Pitra Visarjan.
  • The natives should perform the rituals of Shradh with utmost sincerity and faith to remember and pay respect to their forefathers.
  • Natives should offer water to his pitras for 15 days during the shradh or on the tithi of their death.
  • Apart from this, offering water to Banyan tree and lord Shiva daily further minimises the negative effects of Pitra Dosh in the Kundli.
  • One can also chat with an astrologer online to get solutions to overcome the effects of Rahu in Pitra Dosh. 

Giving gratitude and carefully appeasing Rahu is best left to an expert who can guide you with proper steps. That is why, you must connect with a good astrologer in Noida, Agra, Lucknow, or Kolkata. After all, it is very easy to get in contact with a reliable astrologer online. After examining the horoscope, there are certain techniques to benefit from Pitra Dosha that can be assessed. So, don’t worry about the Pitra Dosha’s sole negative effects, you may receive positive benefits too if you follow the right puja procedure.

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