What Are NFTs and How Can I Buy Or Sell Them?

NFT are good-selling items nowadays. In 2021, NFTs sales reached $25 billion and attracted celebrities and tech evangelists. NFTs can be art, music, a simple selfie, or something else. If you are a skillful person or creator, you can convert drawings, photos, videos, GIFs, music, in-game items, and selfies to NFTs. But most of them don’t know unaware of how to buy and sell NFTs? In this article we will take a detailed overview for buying and selling NFTs.

The major thing in the NFT creation over the Blockchain is to make it unique. Blockchain is a distributed ledger that records all transactions so it can easily detect unique or duplicated NFTs.    

How do the NFTs Work?

NFT exist on the Blockchain, giving the artists, creators, and buyers complete ownership rights. As an artist, if you design any asset & convert it into NFT, you will get the proof of ownership from the Blockchain. This proof of ownership provides security against stealing your NFTs & full rights to do anything with them. It cannot be edited or modified by anyone, including the owner of the Marketplace.

It means you can mint your digital asset to the NFT marketplace while paying a gas fee to use Blockchain. After this, it will record your work or digital art on the Blockchain to show that you are the owner of a particular NFT. 

When a particular NFT is minted over the NFT marketplace for selling, the seller transfers its ownership to the final buyer. NFT owners can also digitally mark their artwork and store precise information in their NFTs’ metadata. This will be only visible to the individual who purchases the NFT.

How is NFT They Different From Cryptocurrency?

NFTs and cryptocurrencies are two different terminologies. The only common thing about them is that they both are built on Blockchain. NFTs are Non-fungible tokens, but cryptocurrency is a currency and is fungible. Both follow the exchange policies. An example can be clearer: if you hold a crypto-token, its value remains the same for the next Ethereum. But NFTs are non-fungible, meaning the value of one NFT varies because each art is different from others, making it unique.  

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, which is only a decade old, is just beginning to find applications in the real world. One of the popular ways to use Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) has attracted much attention, especially among artists, art collectors, and speculators. If you want to buy NFT stock but need to know how to buy it, here’s a way to get started.

NFTs are tokens created and managed on a blockchain representing ownership of assets. Therefore, most NFTs have to pay in Ethereum or other cryptographic blockchains they are created on. 

How to Buy NFTs?

  • Buy cryptocurrency on the Cryptocurrency Exchange. 
  • Transfer your cryptocurrency to your cryptocurrency wallet. Consider it as a digital wallet for storing and transferring cryptocurrencies. Some exchanges have a built-in wallet feature for opening an account, while others have dedicated wallets like MetaMask.  
  • Connect your Wallet to the NFT trading platform. Once connected, you can browse and purchase your NFT collection on the Marketplace.
  • Buy NFTs once you have funded your account. Most NFT marketplaces are in the form of an auction, so you need to apply for the NFT you want to purchase. Some marketplaces are similar to exchanges that use the highest bids and lowest prices for NFTs with multiple fingerprints. The advantage of buying NFTs on the primary market is their potential resale value immediately after the product is sold. Some high-demand NFTs sell for 5-10 times their original price right after launch. The downside of buying NFTs in the primary market is that the demand for art is challenging to measure. In the secondary market, you can compare previous sales and purchases.

Where to Buy Non-Fungible Tokens? 

There are dozens of NFT marketplaces. The largest and most secure is XANALIA, which primarily uses Ethereum and supports over 100 other payment tokens. Other NFT markets featuring various art and collectibles include Binance NFT, Rarible, and Foundation. 

The market has what it takes, whether art, collectibles, video game assets, or a website domain name. Some trading platforms trade more specific assets. For example, The Musician Marketplace focuses on songwriting, and NBA Top Shot is the official licensed Marketplace for purchasing NBA digital video content.

How Crypto Wallets Play a Role in NFT Purchases?

Crypto wallets aren’t just for buying NFTs. Once you’ve made your selections, you’ll also need a place to store your NFTs. There are several easy options, such as MetaMask. Whereas other cryptocurrency exchanges offer account-included wallets for trading cryptocurrencies. 

However, there are other wallet options for offline encryption and NFT protection, out-of-account (also known as cold storage) directly linked to the NFT Marketplace. For example, companies Trezor and Ledger offer physical hardware wallets to store crypto assets. Using private security keys, wallets can provide an additional layer of security for storing NFTs.

How to Sell NFTs and Cash out Earnings?

Selling NFTs within the game is different from selling any other digital asset. The significant difference is that you must deal with your NFTs first and convert your crypto into fiat.

Step 1: Open the NFT Asset page at XANALIA NFT Marketplace. 

Make sure you look at the collection section and click on the required NFT list. Next, click List NFT to select listing options for your NFT sale.

Step 2: Select the auction or set the price.

To auction, click on the highest bid option and set the minimum bid for your sale. Then, on the right, you can choose the cryptocurrency you want as payment. For an instant sale, click Set Price. On the right, you can choose the cryptocurrency you want as payment. There is no bid for this option, so you are setting a final price.

Step 3: Specify the date and time when your auction or sale of the fixed price will end, not limited to more than seven days from the listing time.

Step 4: Click Submit. 

The XANALIA team will manually review each NFT list to meet our standards. This process usually takes 4-8 hours. PS Users who want to collect NFTs from an external platform like Ethereum can follow our step-by-step guide. Deposits are only possible for XANALIA NFT-approved smart contract addresses. Interested users can view the complete list.

Step 5: After your NFT is sold at XANALIA NFT Marketplace, you will receive crypto according to your set requirement. It can be either BUSD, BNB, or ETH.

Step 6: You can trade your BUSD, BNB, or ETH in available Fiat pairs to cash out.

Step 7: After trading, you can immediately go to your Wallet> Fiat and Spot> Withdraw and select the available fiat withdrawal channels to cash your earnings back to your bank accounts, etc.

Depending on your location, you choose different Fiat withdrawal channels, such as card withdrawal, bank transfer, and third-party wallets.

Final Verdict

Currently, most NFTs are used to sell digital art and collectibles. It could be fashionable or a new form of exchanging collectible assets, from trading cards to works of art. In the future, NFTs can be used to tokenize real assets, making asset ownership transparent and incorruptible. Non-fungible tokens can be helpful in real estate transactions, intellectual property, and business ownership. The future of NFTs is unclear, but this technology can change the entire Internet landscape, and we are still in a very early stage.

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