What are the 4 types of skateboards?

Skateboarding can be described as a strong, extreme sport. Many types of skateboards are suitable for different situations, just as there are many skateboarders like wowgoboard. Some are made for long distances while others are perfect for tricks. We will be discussing the various types of skateboards and how to choose the right one for you.

Here are 4 types for skateboards if you need one quickly:

  • Longboard Skateboard
  • Cruiser Skateboard
  • Mini Cruiser Skateboard
  • Carve Skateboard
  1. Longboard Skateboard

The 33-inch minimum length of a longboard is what makes them unique. These boards are used for transport, as well as for cruising in urban areas. They are great for beginners who want to learn how to maneuver the board and keep it stable. They are fast and can take big turns because they have larger wheels.

All of this being said, longboards don’t make the best boards for tricks or flips because they are too large. Their large size makes them difficult to transport.

The 28-32 inch longboard is the most popular. For beginners, it is recommended that you choose between 32-42 inches to learn how to balance better.

2. Cruiser Skateboard

Longboards and cruisers can be compared in some ways. They are great for getting you from point A to point B, but they are smaller than longboards. It is easier to turn sharply because of their smaller size. Although they offer a smooth ride, they are not as beginner-friendly as longboards because they are more unstable.

They are also not ideal for tricks because they resemble a shorter longboard. For beginners looking to upgrade from a longboard, cruiser skateboards can be a great option.

The best size for a cruiser board is between 32 and 42 inches.

3. Mini Cruiser Skateboard

The mini cruiser is the perfect skateboard for beginners. These boards are similar to cruisers but smaller. There are also mini cruiser boards that are made from wood or plastic. This board is smaller and more portable, which is a big advantage.

Because they are smaller, they can also be used for tricks and flips. This is a great combination for beginners. You can learn how to cruise, stabilize the board, and do some basic tricks like an ollie. This is a great combination for beginners.

For both newbies as well as professionals, the mini cruiser board is 27 inches long and 8 inches wide. This size allows for plenty of legroom and can be carried in your backpack.

4. Carve Skateboard

The deck looks like a small surfboard and is very popular among surfers. Skaters can also use the carve skateboard to achieve their desired speed. You can do this by moving the board in the same way you would surf the waves.

Front trucks that can tilt and wheels that allow for more flexibility than a standard skateboard make this possible. These boards are not recommended for beginners. You will need to know how to balance the board before you buy them.

Carve skateboards can be used as a substitute for longboards and are great for cruising around the neighborhood.

The ideal length for a carved skateboard is between 29-33 inches. This makes them great for all-around use.

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