What can I do If Brother Printer is Showing Offline Status?

A Brother Printer with an ‘Offline” status means it can’t be connected to other devices, such as a computer or laptop. It can connect to other devices if it is ‘Online’. Your printer must have an electric connection to link to other devices. This allows it to receive information from other computers to enable you to print documents. If your Brother printer is offline, and you feel helpless and unsure how to use it, dial the Brother Printer Support phone number to get the solution.

You can also diagnose the cause of the error messages by checking the network connection, printer settings, or if the printer is not turned on. Here are some possible causes and solutions.

Brother Printer Shut Off

Your Brother printer may be in an ‘offline’ state. Your computer may not recognize the connection, even though it is connected via the USB cable. Check the LCD screen on your printer. If it is blank, the printer might not be turned on. Make sure that your printer is correctly connected to the wall outlet. Also, make sure that all switches and working stages are turned on. Call the Brother Printer customer service number if you have any technical problems with your Brother Printer.

Printer Technical Errors

Sometimes your printer may not work due to an empty cartridge or paper jam error. First, check your Printer’s LCD screen for possible error messages. If there are any errors you see, fix them before checking the online status. If the problem persists, contact Brother Laser Printer Support Number to resolve them immediately.

The printer is not set as the default printer

If your printer is offline, it can be set to ‘Offline’. You can send a print job from your device directly by clicking the ‘Print” button if you have made it the default printer. It may not be defaulting or trying to connect with another printer, and it can be made to default by changing the settings in the “Devices” section of your computer. If this is not possible, contact the Brother Printer customer service specialists.

Network or USB Cable Problem

A Brother printer that has a problem with its connection can display an ‘Offline’ status. Check that the USB cable is connected correctly to your printer in such cases. If your printer is connected to the internet via the USB cable, ensure it has complete firewall protection and smooth internet connectivity. You should also ensure that your firewall security does not block the network connection, as this could cause your Brother printer to go offline.

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