What Does Double Crown Hair Mean, And How To Style Double Crown Hair?

Most people have a distinct growth pattern at the crown of their heads—the part of the skull where the head begins to curve down to the back of the head. Normally, the hair appears to radiate outward in a circular or semicircular pattern from a single point. The growth pattern may not be circular but is usually visible. In some cases, a person will have a “double crown,” which consists of two distinct points surrounded by growth patterns. These are typically located at the back of the head, side by side, and evenly spaced. Causes of double crown hair

 What does double crown hair mean?

Well, a double crown hair may have several meanings depending on culture and ethnicity, but scientifically, it is a genetic disorder. A double crown has been linked to everything from certain health conditions to exceptional intelligence. Many of these associations are myths or long-held cultural assumptions without supporting evidence. The National Human Genome Research Institute estimates that about 5% of people globally have a double whorl on their heads. This trait can be found in both men and women. Due to the double crown, your hair might stick up in a strange way if it is cut too short in the back hence leaving it in an unruly way, giving you an unpleasant appearance. Below are some of the beliefs about the double crown.

  • Baldness is associated with having a double crown.

In most cases, hair tends to thin out around your temples and at the crown of your head, similar to male baldness. Partial loss of hair at the crown of your head may make a double hair whorl appear more prominent. However, there is no evidence linking having a double crown to baldness or hair loss earlier in life.

  • A double crown indicates that you are on the autism spectrum.

There is no apparent connection between having a double crown and being autistic. A study in Turkey discovered that autistic male participants had more hair whorls. However, the researchers noted that people in the study who were left-handed were more likely to be autistic. Because the following experiences have a genetic component, it stands to reason that there is some link with autism, having multiple hair whorls, and being left-handed. However, having multiple hair whorls does not necessarily indicate that a person is autistic.

  • Another common myth associated with the double crown hair pattern is that it is a gift and the beholder is a genius.

There is no reason to think that possessing two crowns indicates that you are exceptionally talented. Math prowess may run in your family, in addition to having a double crown. It is impossible to directly link the genetic component of giftedness to the double whorls on your head because so many other factors are at play.

 How to style a double crown hair

The key to styling or hiding a double crown is to let your hair grow out a little longer. Once your hair has reached a certain length, you can use volumizing tools such as gel, mousse, and hairspray. These products can be very resourceful in shaping your hair in different directions and creating a messy and volumized look that hides the double crown.

You could also try combing your hair to one side or changing the way to conceal the double crown. Finally, there is nothing wrong with having two crowns. You may conceal your hair by choice, but it is not a medical condition, and there is no reason to believe that you must change the appearance of your hair crown.

What kinds of toupees are used for double crown hair

1. Monofilament base

This men’s toupee has a monofilament base with a single hair per knot to simulate natural hair growth from the scalp. It feels pleasant to the touch. Transparent and challenging to detect. The monofilament weaving technique allows each strand of hair to move more freely and naturally. It has been completely hand sued to give it the most natural appearance possible.

2. Double lace toupee

The OCT men’s wig is made with french lace; hence it is very light, soft, breathable, and long-lasting. This makes it ideal for wearing in humid weather, during the summer, or if you lead an active lifestyle. This double lace toupee has a much stronger structure and a longer lifespan of about six months than most toupees. This OCT men’s wig is undetectable and blends in with the wearer’s scalp. A hair system that can be worn all year and for any occasion.

3. PU base hair system

The toupee is made of PU, which covers the hair system only at the back and on the sides. Due to the smooth solid of the PU base, attaching the double lace toupee to the scalp with an adhesive will be simple, as will cleaning it.

Final thought

A double crown is just one of the characteristics, just like the color or shape of your hair, and you need not worry about it. In most cases, the double crown results from genetic inheritance, and it cannot be used as a reference for who you are and your character. Although there are many myths about double crowns, there is no scientific proof to back them. Well, in case you feel uncomfortable about your double crown, seek advice from your stylist to guide you on how to conceal the crown.

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