What Is Hookah Vault?

Hookah Vault is a new approach to hookah clubbing, taking the social aspect into account as well as quality. By all means it does not fit into the existing category of hookah bars but it really is a part of it and it fulfills a different need from what it is.

We believe in having fun at the hookah bar, we don’t really believe in smoking. At Hookah Vault the important thing to us is the mixture of different kinds of material: an excellent taste, well prepared with all the fixings such as apple, peach, berry and coconut.

We had seen too many hookah bars that are completely ineffective, so we set out to create something better. We focus more on the social aspect and on getting people together in a relaxed atmosphere. You can meet people from all over the world, and you can stay all night without needing to leave.

We like to offer “old school” and well prepared English 100% Egyptian hookah as well as Turkish çekme hookah, Greek tobacco, Turkish and Greek soda. We also have a variety of champagne and wine drinks. We believe that there is still plenty of room in the hookah culture, and we want to stay true to the culture as well as have the opportunity to appeal to younger generations. Hookah Vault is a part of this scene, it does not quite fit in.

On the other hand we don’t mind that our clientele is older, they are not always an easy bunch. We have some old style customers but they also have some young people, we are trying to find a compromise that will satisfy them all. If a young person wants to smoke, there will be someone waiting in the corner with a water pipe ready. If they need a water pipe, we are happy to offer that to them as well. We prefer to have older people in the area.

Benefits of hookah vault:

  • Long, fresh bowl
  • Sound proof so you don’t have to worry about disturbing the younger customer
  • Only Egyptian tobacc
  • Gourmet taste
  • Great service
  • Consciously designed club
  • Praised by famous guests
  • Old-school hookah is also available


If you are looking for a venue to go with your clubbing friends, a party venue, or to visit for a special occasion, our hookah vault will not let you down. I hope you really enjoy this article and if you have any question please let me know.

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