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Why Treat an Overbite with Invisalign

Invisalign in Surrey can help you to treat overbite and also prevent enamel erosion. The most common treatment for an overbite is orthodontic treatment. However, it is not always possible to get the treatment done because of the severity of the overbite. Invisalign helps to keep your teeth in place while reducing the severity of your overbite. 

What Exactly Is An Overbite?

A misalignment of the front teeth that results in an overbite is called an overbite. This occurrence, which is often referred to as an overjet, occurs when the front teeth of the upper jaw overlap the front teeth of the lower jaw. When the condition is severe, the lower front teeth have the potential to bite into the upper palate.

Several Distinct Categories of Overbites

Dental and skeletal overbites are the two categories that fall within the overbite umbrella. When a person has a dental overbite, just their top front teeth stick out in front of their mouth. This condition is often commonly referred to as “buck teeth.” The protrusion of the upper jaw is what causes an overbite, also known as a skeletal overbite. This causes the top teeth to overlap the lower teeth.

What are the Root Causes of Overbite?

It is possible for a tooth problem known as an overbite or overjet to be inherited, but the condition may also arise as a result of bad oral habits that are formed throughout infancy. Nail biting, thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, and excessive reliance on pacifiers and feeding bottles are all examples of this kind of behaviour. The following are examples of behaviours that are harmful to dental health as well as factors that may contribute to the development of a bite that is not properly aligned:


When a child continues to thumb-suck beyond the age of four or when permanent teeth begin to erupt, the pressure that is applied to the permanent teeth might cause them to protrude at an abnormal angle best invisalign london.


When the tongue is unusually pushed forward in the mouth, this condition is known as a tongue thrust. Children who have poor swallowing skills and big tonsils are at increased risk of developing this illness. It is also possible for adults to protrude their tongues during sleeping or as a result of stress.


It is possible to be born with a big upper jaw or a tiny upper jaw. Both of these conditions may be inherited. There is a possibility that this uneven jaw is inherited, and that both parents and children have the same sort of dental arrangement. Having a cyst or tumour in the jaw may cause the teeth to shift out of their natural alignment, as well as give the mouth and jaw an odd form. This condition happens when the bony or soft tissue in the upper jaw continues to develop or enlarge, which ultimately leads to a forward shift in the position of the jaw.

Why Is It Necessary to Have an Overbite Treated?

Both your oral health and your appearance might benefit from having an overbite or overjet corrected. Your dental health will significantly improve if you get your overbite or overjet corrected. Fixing an overbite or overjet is vital if you want to reduce the risk of excessive tooth wear, which is caused by the teeth wearing down unevenly. Every time you open or shut your mouth, your teeth will be in continual contact with one another and will cause friction. Over time they may become either shorter or thinner.

Your smile will look much better once you get your overbite or overjet corrected. Because of an overbite, the lower teeth in your mouth are obscured by the teeth in your upper jaw. This overlap may cause you to feel self-conscious, which may cause you to avoid smiling while meeting new people or posing for photographs. You need not to worry. Our expert dentist in Bracknell and other locations in the UK including Manchester, London, and Liverpool can help you achieve a straight smile in no time. 

Advantages of Employing Invisalign Smile for the Treatment of Overbite

Many benefits come along with using Invisalign to treat overbites and overjets, some of which are as follows:

Developing a more attractive smile

After correcting the overbite and straightening the teeth, Invisalign gives patients a more attractive smile.

Improved self-esteem

A charming smile can do wonders for a person’s self-esteem and confidence. This shift may also facilitate the formation of new contacts and open the door to improved professional chances.

Keeping the treatment under wraps

Clear aligners like Invisalign don’t stick out as traditional metal braces do. They make it possible for patients to get remedial therapy without it being readily apparent.

Enjoying removable aligners

The aligners from Invisalign need to be worn for a significant amount of time during the day; however, they may be removed to brush and floss the teeth or consume food.

How Much Time Does It Take to Fix an Overbite Using Invisalign?

It might take some time for clear aligners to address overbites or overjets. How rapidly your teeth will move as a result of the stress caused by your attachments is contingent upon a variety of things. The duration of the treatment might range anywhere from six to twenty months, depending on the individual’s condition. Make sure you follow all of the directions carefully so you can get the best possible outcomes. Always remember to wash your teeth and replace any elastics regularly before inserting your aligners back into your mouth.

Make an Appointment for an Invisalign Consultation

The choice to undergo orthodontic treatment using Invisalign is done easy at PerfectSmile. We have the most qualified invisalign cost manchester to address your tooth problem before you commit to paying for clear aligners. At Perfect Smile, we will examine your smile, connect with the doctor and his staff, and receive answers to any and all issues that you may have. Schedule your free consultation today. 


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