World and European Champion Adriaan Ringoir reveals his tips

He is currently one of the fastest scooter riders in the world. The Czech scooter portal “Kolobezkovy” recently described him as perhaps the best rider on our planet. schwinn men’s prelude bicycle we have interviewed the newly crowned European champion and multiple world champions and tried to elicit valuable tips on his training habits. Whether we explore the secret of his extraordinary achievements, you can find out for yourself in the following lines. We are talking about Adriaan Ringoir, a very likable young man from the Netherlands.

Adriaan, please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hello I’m Adriaan, I’m from Krimpen aan den IJssel (close to Rotterdam). For five years I have been an enthusiastic scooter rider and otherwise, I travel a lot by bike. Running and hiking are also among my favorite hobbies.

Have you always been sporty and how did you get into scooter sports?

I’ve enjoyed cycling since I was an early age, but I’ve never raced. I also played korfbal for many years, but that time was a good ten years ago. Since the age of 14, I have absorbed everything from running, inline skating, and some other exercise sports. At some point my father once said about me “Everything that is outside and makes him tired is fun for him” and that is actually true to this day.

I came to the scooter through the Musikverein. There, Wenda Zuiddam once asked me if I would like to ride a scooter. And after the first time, I never stopped because it’s just so much fun!

Was it immediately clear to you that you had what it takes to become a world champion?

No, I had never thought of getting this far. I just wanted to see if I could compete in the international peloton (a term from cycling, that refers to the closed main field of racers; editor’s note).

You recently became a father. What has changed in terms of the sport since the 2018 World Cup?

So actually, little is different. Currently, however, I can no longer train six times a week. This spring I was already happy when it was enough for three training sessions a week. That was different at the World Cup at home.

Are you satisfied with your performance at the European Championships?

Certainly yes, with two wins and a great fifth place in the marathon I can only be totally proud! And I’m really happy that I was able to bring home two titles despite the reduced training workload.

What is your motivation to call up these services so constantly?

My motivation lies in particular in showing myself again and again that I can still do it! And it really gives me pleasure to be able to call on top performances to the point. But honestly. The biggest motivation is simply… the fun of driving! Winning feels terrific, no question about it. But it is not an obligation for me! Having fun and enjoying what you like to do is what is really important (for me)!

Let’s talk about your training.

How often do you train?

Before last year’s World Championships, I was really busy training and trained six times a week for months. I had also written myself a plan for this, but I didn’t stick to it so firmly.

How long do your training sessions last and do you vary them?

My training duration is very dependent on the goal of the respective unit. A sprint training can be finished after half an hour. My endurance training often goes six hours. And everything that lies (temporally) in between is also good.

How many rest periods/days do you have?

In some training blocks, there may well be up to two rest days in a row within a week. But rest does not mean for me that I do nothing at all and lie 😉 on the couch.

How does the training change before the competitions?

In any case, the intensity increases in the last three weeks before the competition. Two weeks before the competitions (European Championships and World Championships) I train for maximum speed and sprint training. Two days before the races, however, I really give my body total peace and draw strength. In the week before the competition, I only train what feels right at the moment and what I enjoy.

Adriaan, how do you eat?

I make sure that my food is never too fat. That’s my “secret”. And I really liked to eat vegetables throughout my life. But I leave everything else standing.

Sweets and alcohol? – Is that also the case with a world champion?

(Laughs) Yes, definitely with the first one. I like to eat chocolate, and if I train enough, I quickly consume the extra calories again… I tend not to drink alcohol, very rarely does it happen in the year that I treat myself to a schäppschen in a convivial round.

How do you feel about fluid intake?

Normally, I only drink 650 ML of water during a race with a maximum of 50 kilometers on the road. Provided there are no temperatures beyond 30 degrees. Before the race I drink 500ml soda with a little extra salt to supply the body.

Your trainer is

My coach is myself. Wenda taught me everything and showed me how to do it. Of course, I also listen to the tips of other Rolleristi and try to use them for myself. Last year I trained a few times with Daan (de Jonge), Machiel (Steenbergen), and Mario (Reine) for the relay race. Of course, I also learn more.

Do you also train kicking and breathing techniques?

Breathing is very important, but here nature has already built me a good technique. For me, a sophisticated pedaling technique is very very important! I train that very purposefully, especially during long training rides and when rolling slowly, I make sure that I refine my technique.

How do you feel about motion analysis, such as .B video and slow-motion? Do you use these opportunities to improve yourself?

Unfortunately, I didn’t have these opportunities, as I mostly train alone. But I am sure that I could improve my technique through these analyses.

Do you use other sports equipment such as .B the bike or go to the gym?

Yes, very much so! I definitely like the variety. Endurance training I also often do on the bike! Also together with my wife Judith on our tandem. I can push as much force into the pedals as I like… and she just comes along (ideal!). And now even son Thomas drives in the car. Doing sports really couldn’t be more beautiful.

Heart rate, pulse.Do you measure your values during exercise?

I often ride with a heart rate sensor. Keep low and high values or averages and adjust my speed to the respective project. That’s about it.

How do you keep fit in winter?

Scootering! I also like it when it’s cold and wet! There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes! That comes from Germany, doesn’t it 😉? Also on the bike, you will always be able to meet me in winter when it is wet and cold at the same time. Because this is a bit unpleasant when riding a scooter because the cold splash water of the rear tires constantly runs into my shoes.

Have you also had setbacks, e.B. due to injuries? Do you have weaknesses yourself and how do you deal with them? How do you regenerate?

I have really been very lucky and have a very robust body. I have been completely spared serious injuries so far. Toi toi toi.

What do you pay particular attention to?

My health in general. And as I said, have fun! Maybe that’s why I rarely get sick and never hurt myself.

Do you train alone or in a group?

I don’t train as often with our team. That’s more training for the other riders 😉

Keyword equipment. What do you pay attention to?

With shoes, it is important to me that they have good grip. When it comes to clothing, I make sure that it doesn’t annoy me. It must fit well and fulfil its function. Of course, a light and stiff scooter also helps. With the scooter, in addition to the properties, trust in the material and experience also play a very important role for me. By this, I mean specifically that you can adjust to how the scooter reacts in curves. Only when you know how the scooter behaves, you can get the last bit of energy out of every kick.

In your opinion, where are the opportunities for improvement in top-class sports? In terms of material, pedaling technique, or training methods?

I think that the right training is the most important part. More hours does not necessarily mean that the training will be better! From my point of view, the training structure is the big success factor. I could certainly increase the maximum speed if my pedaling technique gets even better. And if all this fits, then a stiff scooter also helps, but not as much as the training.

You are quite tall, and have a wiry body – Is your size an advantage?

Long legs are an advantage, but I can’t estimate how much that actually means. A long kick is more force in front, but it also takes more strength and time to lift the leg again. best hybride bikes stability in the body is very important! You have to take that into training in remembrance! Core Stability Training definitely pays off!

Wo kann man dich Treffen oder deine Trainings verfolgen? (Facebook, Strava, etwas anderes?)

At Strava, I stop many, but not all, of my rides. If you want to contact me, you can reach me via Facebook. If I can, I am happy to help and go into the exchange.

What tips do you have for anyone who wants to beat you at the next World Cup?

Don’t just drive, but train properly! And… Have fun doing it! Rejoice in all the things you see during your rides. To this day, I am fascinated by how everything is always changing and I can also be happy about the supposedly small things in life. On your next trip, just pay attention to how the weather changes. And how the seasons tell their stories.

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