Your Guide to Identifying the Best Target Audience for Mobile App

Identification of the Best Audience for Your Mobile Application

There was a time when businesses could do with websites alone. But mobile apps are now a necessity. If I talk about myself, I have mobile apps for all my favorite brands, telecommunication service providers, and banks. And I find them very convenient. For example, I do not have to rush to a Spectrum outlet to pay my bill. I make use of the Spectrum mobile billing pay by phone facility.

If you are also considering launching a mobile app, here’s how you can identify the perfect audience for it.

Defining the Audience by the Type of App

Defining the audience can be tricky. However, finding your potential customers based on the type of app that you are about to develop can be easy. Because you can research that industry and get to know about the demographics of the people that would most likely be interested in your business.

Some of the basic types of applications that you are likely to find fall under the categories mentioned below:


These types of apps allow people to book tickets for cinemas, exhibitions, and theatres along with many other types of tickets. Apart from booking yourself a spot for an entertaining night (or day), apps that feature children’s books, tasks, cartoons, music, and puzzles also fall under the entertainment category.

Not to forget the most famous form of entertainment for teens, young adults, and adults – dating. Yes, dating apps also fall under the head of entertainment. If you are about to create an app for sharing events and parties, you should consider the entertainment category as well.


Airbnb, Hopper, and Kayak are some examples of famous travel apps. From renting hotel rooms or living space to purchasing tickets, travel apps make it easy for you to manage your trips. Some travel apps serve the purpose of finding your travel companions for you to have a not so lonely trip.

Apart from this, there are also apps that act as tour guides for you so that you do not face any difficulty commuting to a new city or country. From finding a gas station for you to creating convenient routes for you, such apps make it easy for you to explore any new place.


If you are considering developing an app that aids people in making financial transactions or helps them look for jobs, your app falls under the business category.

Apart from the above-mentioned categories, your apps can fall under many more.

Once you identify the category of your app, you should follow the steps given below to target the audience well.

How to Look for the Perfect Audience?

Determination of Reasons

To begin with, you need to determine the reasons for choosing a certain audience for your app. There could be a wide range of reasons. However, some of the most common reasons for people to opt for an audience are:

  • The selected one has money.
  • It is already a well-performing audience for an already existing app.

Determination of the Market Segment

Once you know the reason behind selecting a certain target audience, you need to see the market segment to which your app belongs. It will fall under either of the two mentioned below:

  • B2B
  • B2C

Determination of the Clients

This stage involves having to create segments of your potential customers. The distribution of customers into groups will make it more clear whom you want to target.

However, it is not that easy to create segment(s) of your audience either. The following steps will help you create an accurate one.

Drawing Portrait by Answering Questions

You will have to ‘draw a portrait of the audience segments that you wish to create after answering a couple of questions. Some of the many questions that you need to ask yourself are:

What are the main features of the segment (target) audience?

To answer this question, you will have to look into traits like gender, income, level, family status, solvency level, age education, and main interests of your potential audience.

What are the other characteristics of your target audience?

Some of the other characteristics that you can consider looking into include:

  • Favorite literature
  • Political views
  • Favorite movie genres

What core values does your target audience hold?

You also need to figure out the core values that your target audience holds including money,  communication, longevity, and development.

What motivates your target audience?

Different people find motivation in different things. You need to research what is it that motivates your target audience. For example, improved health or self-expression.

Answering these questions will make it easy for you to select an audience for your app. As I mentioned earlier, someone like me who looks for ease in everything possible relies on apps to make life easy. I even find it hard to dial the Spectrum service number to get my issue resolved. I’d rather visit the app, upload my complaint on the portal, and be done.


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