5 Ways AI Can Be Used in Website Development

Artificial Intelligence or AI technology, has now become the talk of the town. Businesses in various sectors, particularly the IT industry, are now using this technology, and its adoption rate is expected to increase rapidly as more and more companies in the IT sector incorporate it. 

According to Statista, around 49% of IT executives believed that their companies have to adopt AI technology by 2025. Some companies have already leveraged AI for website development and they are using this robust technology to get a competitive edge over others. 

So, how can you use AI technology for website development? We’ll talk about the top five ways developers can use artificial intelligence for website design and development. 

Assistance with Coding 

Expert programmers and website developers can leverage coding programs without having to write too many lines of code for themselves. In the past, developers would require high creativity and extensive knowledge at hand for the project. However, AI is all set to change that. 

This robust technology can help developers in creating codes from scratch without any trouble. As a result, they can build and design user-friendly websites and apps. Programs such as Github’s Copilot can be great for developers to get the next line of code when creating websites and apps for iOS. Moreover, tools like Swift Package Manager can also be used in conjunction with other third-party libraries like the SwiftAI library when it comes to AI-assisted coding.

Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that AI does not replace the element of human creativity. You would need to have an experienced human programmer who can easily spot any potential mistakes or errors in the code generated by AI-based coding assistants.

SEO-friendly Web Designs

When creating a website, you also want it to rank on the search results. It is the primary reason most businesses and companies want to build a website. Therefore, building a web design that is SEO-friendly is vital for higher rankings on search engines. 

Developers enjoy personalizing the website’s design, but SEO tactics might restrict their capabilities of doing so. Nevertheless, there are different AI tools, such as the Adobe Experience Platform, which can allow you to adhere to SEO-friendly practices when designing and developing a website.  Structuring a website for SEO is vital and it can have a significant impact on an end user’s experience. 

Enhanced User-Experience

As mentioned in the prior section, the most crucial aspect of today’s online environment is user experience. A website is only good as the experience users get from it and the most critical element of the user experience is customer support services. 

You can enhance the customer experience by utilizing an AI-powered chatbot. It can assist consumers in obtaining all the details they require without searching manually. Furthermore, it also provides answers a lot more quickly as opposed to calling customer support services. An AI chatbot allows users to ask any question and it will instantly provide links and answers to them. These AI tools will gather the information available on the website. However, developers and programmers can also train the bots to provide answers to questions in a specific manner.

Streamlined Workflow

Many groups and teams are working on website design and development projects. Some of these teams or their members might work on-site while others would be operating remotely. Using new AI tools and technologies can help you streamline the entire workflow for your web design and development projects.

It can also help you improve efficiency and productivity if the team is dispersed over different locations or operating remotely. Furthermore, it can become easy for project managers to coordinate and allocate tasks to team members. They can also use these AI tools to monitor the project’s progress. Doing so will ensure that the project is completed and delivered to the client without any delays. 

Testing and Quality Assurance

Last but not least, it is imperative to design and run different tests on the website for quality assurance purposes. After conducting these tests, programmers would have to thoroughly assess the results. They would have to tweak the tests and then monitor the results for more changes after every time they conduct a test again.

These tasks are tedious, making it challenging for programmers to work on other important things. Nevertheless, AI can help them optimize this entire process by carrying out tests automatically as programmers become free to work on more complex issues. AI tools also have a faster speed, allowing them to conduct more tests in a small amount of time. These advanced technologies can also adapt to changes in code and continue to run tests with little to no maintenance.

Wrapping Up

AI technology has seen rapid advancements in the past few years. While it is still not widely used for website design and development projects, we’re seeing a growing adoption rate. Consequently, it is safe to say more and more IT companies will use this technology to streamline their website-building initiatives.

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