Lowes Hours Today: What time does Lowes Store Open-Close?

Lowes Hours Today: Nothing is better than finding all home appliances and other related services under one roof. There is an American wholesale retailer company known as Lowes store where you can avail this opportunity. It has the largest chain of hardware products in the whole world.

You can easily find electronic tools, home décor, plumbing, washroom fitting, etc. this is famous due to its affordable prices and this makes this store common among people. In this article, we will talk about Lowes hours today so let’s see the details.

Lowes Hours Today:

What time does the Lowes store open?

As this is a store to get the most needed accessories so they open the stores very early in the morning so customers get the products. Lowes hours today for opening is 6:00 Am from Monday to Saturday. And this is different for Sunday. It opens at 7:00 AM on Sunday.

The reason behind this early opening is that they try to help the professionals working around that area. Plus they want to serve their customers by setting Lowes store hours different from other stores.

What time does the Lowes store close?

As mentioned earlier they serve very essential products. Hardware products are usually needed in every house. Lowes hour today for closing is 9:00 Pm from Monday to Saturday. But on Sundays, they close their stores an hour earlier. They serve a wide range of products and people visit their store due to reasonable prices. They even put sales on some specific products and during those days they extend Lowes store hours so people can avail the opportunity.

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Lowes Store near me:

If you want to visit the number one hardware store but you don’t know the exact address then there is no problem with this. Through the Lowes store locator or Lowes near me map, you can easily find Lowes store and Lowes hours today. By telling these two sources about your address and zip code it will locate you towards the nearest store. It will also tell you whether it is close or open. It is very helpful in finding the stores. You can use it without any issue.

History of Lowes store:

The first store was started back in 1921. In the beginning, only one family-owned this company, and that was Lowe’s family mainly Lucius Smith Lowe. But suddenly he died and her daughter owned that company. Soon she sold it to her brother. Then it was in partnership with Carl Buchan and Jim. They earned millions of dollars from this store. They stayed together for a long time and enjoyed the profit together. But soon they separated their ways and now it is owned only by Carl. Lowes hours, lowe’s hours are the same since the beginning.


Lowes store is famous for its hardware products all over the US. It has hundreds of stores that are Operated in the US, Mexico, and Canada. In this article, we have talked about Lowes hours today. Hope you like this article.

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