How tall is Ranboo? Height, Age, Family, Facts

How tall is Ranboo: Nowadays twitch streamers are getting very popular. Some of them are very talented and they surely deserve the fame. People who get famous now make youtube channels and earn from it too. They usually have two means of getting money. As people know them from twitch tv they curiously watch their youtube videos. In this blog, we will talk about one of the very famous twitch streamers Ranboo and all the related details about him and how tall is Ranboo and how old is ranboo. So let’s see the details:

How tall is Ranboo? (Ranboo Height):

Ranboo’s height is very perfect and he stands 6 feet and 6 inches tall. This is a height that every boy wishes to have and Ranboo is lucky to have such a perfect height.

Who is Ranboo?


You must be wondering who this boy is, so let me tell you that Ranboo is a very popular twitch streamer from America. He got popular due to the Minecraft game. He is very famous and has millions of followers and there are girls that want to know how tall is Ranboo and what his age is.

Ranboo’s Biography:

The young handsome was born in 2003 on November 2nd. His birthplace is the US. Ranboo lives in the Bay Area Of San Francisco. His zodiac sign is Capricorn. And if we talk about his religion then he is Christian.

Ranboo’s Real Name:

He got famous with the name Ranboo but from very close friends it was confirmed that his real name is  Johnathan Schalatt. Some people say that his name is Mark. There is a lot of confusion about his real name. but the name that makes him famous is Ranboo. Moreover, people are very interested to know about Ranboo’s height.

Ranboo’s Age:

This is also a very important thing that people are very curious about.  People want to know how old is Ranboo so the answer to this is he is just 18 years old and handling a lot of fame. But this year he will turn 19. People are also interested in knowing how tall is Ranboo.

Ranboo’s Personality:

It is seen that many of the twitch streamers don’t show their face in real life. This is a fact they hide their true identity. The same is the case with Ranboo you will always find him wearing a mask.

He doesn’t show his face and this is a part of his personality now. Even though he doesn’t show his face, still he has gained millions of fans that totally love him and follow him. Back in July, he told his fans that he is going through facial dysmorphia. This is a condition that causes health problems and distress. Even though he wore glasses recently he has shown his eyes.

Ranboo’s Career:

He started his career in 2020 and his first video came in august 2020 which was about a game. After a month he started his career on twitch. He was also on TikTok which helped him to gain subscribers on youtube as well.

Being on TikTok he gained 200 subscribers on the 1st day. Later he got connected with Minecraft which really helped him a lot to gain subscribers. Back in January 2021, he completed his 1 million subscribers on his youtube channel.

Followers and Net worth:

The young boy made her career as a teenager and touched the heights of success. In no time he gained 4 million followers on Twitch. Ranboo started his youtube channel in 2020 and now today in 2022 he has gained 3 million subscribers on youtube. This is a huge milestone at this age. According to an estimate he earns almost 4 million dollars due to her youtube and merchandise as well.

Final Verdict:

In this article, we have talked about How tall is Ranboo? Height, Age, Family, Facts. All the details about twitch streamers are mentioned above. Hope you like them. Thanks.

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