7 Reasons Why You Should Start a Business in North Carolina

North Carolina is a business-friendly environment for entrepreneurs; starting a business in North Carolina is not difficult due to friendly administration and compliance regularities. The administrative burdens for start-ups are reduced like the public policy, which only requires filing forms with the North Carolina Secretary of State. After filing, you are ready to run the business immediately.

Many investors find North Carolina a good investment location. In the United States, the most complex world problems are solved in North Carolina. It has been in the top spot for three consecutive years as the top place to start a business. Reasons you should consider starting a business in North Carolina include:

Robust and Healthy Housing Market

Many investors look for houses in North Carolina for commercial and residential purposes. It is because of its healthy real estate market. The cost of housing is very attractive; therefore, it is advisable for real estate investors to invest in North Carolina.

High-Quality Education

North Carolina prides itself on the high-quality level of education, particularly the high education of universities and colleges. An example is Duke; a research university ranked among the top five universities in the United States.

Entrepreneurs can source a well-trained workforce to work for their companies and businesses. Other universities include Elon University, the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, and Appalachian State University. These universities produce skilled and competent workers for the country.

Highly Competitive Local Labor Market

North Carolina has a highly competitive labor market; this is because of the low rate of employment in the country. There is a high demand for skilled workers for companies. Entrepreneurs are left with the task of trying to gain an advantage over their competitors. The competitive nature of the labor market has improved employee compensation.

Most businesses in North Carolina have improved their systems. Cases like unfairness at workplaces, harassment, and discrimination have significantly reduced. The employees are happy and more productive.

Attractive Taxation

North Carolina generally has low taxes making it one of the the best states to open a business. The state was ranked 12th by The Tax Foundation for business taxes. The highest income corporate tax is 2.5 percent, which is lower than most states in the United States. The business taxes may be slightly higher, but they are lower than in other states.

The taxes are relaxed because the taxation structure is meant to promote both large and small businesses. There are creative economic development incentives despite disparities in various parts of the state.

Low Cost of Living

The cost of starting and running a business and living is low in North Carolina. It is due to the reduced housing, transport, labor, and electricity costs. Over the years, the labor pool has been tightening but still quite manageable.

Getting business permits and licenses is easy. This system encourages investors to start businesses in the country.

Benefits of Incorporation and LLC Formation

There are many advantages of starting a business in North Carolina. The government has set up tax credit programs; if you set up a company as a C or S Corporation, you gain benefits like tax exemptions. A business may enjoy independent life even after incapacitation from stockholders.

Other benefits include infrastructure financing, grants and loans, job development grants, limited liability protection, capital development fund grants, microenterprise loan program, investment grants, and flexible profit distribution.

Access to Incentive Programs

After registering a business in North Carolina, you will gain qualifications for different business incentive programs. These incentive programs were introduced by state, federal, or local agencies. The North Carolina top programs include North Carolina Opportunity Zones; your business enjoys this program after registering it as a new company as part of the Opportunity Zone program. The benefits include temporary tax deferral for your business on capital gains or permanent exclusion from taxable income on long-term capital gains. The state also offers sales and use tax exemptions, discounts, and refunds for eligible businesses.


North Carolina is the best place to settle and start a business as an entrepreneur. The benefits of starting a business in the state are enormous, ensuring low organizational costs. Flexible businesses and companies should consider setting up branches in the state.

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