Answers To Common Questions About iTop VPN

Are you using iTop VPN for the first time? If yes, you might have many questions as you try to navigate this utility. It is ok to have queries on this VPN service, as it will help you understand how it works. Keep up with us as we answer common questions about this VPN service.

Is iTop VPN Freeware? 

Yes, you can use iTop VPN for free. You pick the free version on the website, which does not need you to sign up. You download the program directly to your device and install it. The free VPN is ideal for beginner users to give them an idea of how it works.

This VPN version grants you surfing safety and privacy. Additionally, you have a 700MB bandwidth and access to 16 servers.

Why Does the Program Hang on My Device, And How Can I Sort It Out?

iTop has a sturdy architecture with regular updates to prevent issues like freezing or hanging. On the rare occasion that you encounter such issues, your device may be the problem, or you need to upgrade the software and other supporting programs. Also, you may restart your device to see if the problem persists.

If there is no change, feel free to contact customer support. The support team is available 24/7 and responds quickly to your queries. They will guide you on the possible solutions to the problem at hand.

Can I Use iTop VPN on My Phone?

iTop VPN is very flexible, noticeable from its compatibility with various operating systems. Typically, it is a VPN for Windows, but it also has versions for macOS. Moreover, this iTop product has smartphone versions that support iOS and Android devices.

You can get the mobile versions from the website or app download platforms like Play Store and Apple Store. The apps are lightweight, thus, friendly on your device’s storage, and perform as well as the PC versions.

Is It a Must to Upgrade to The Paid Plans?

It is not a must to upgrade to iTop VPN’s premium plans. You can enjoy the free version for as long as you like. Nevertheless, it is wise to go premium, as you will be missing out on several features by sticking to the free service.

For instance, the only benefits you get from the free version, besides not paying, are access to 16 servers and 700MB of data use. It is quite inferior to the access to 1800+ servers, unlimited data use, 10-times faster browsing, and enhanced protection you get from the premium plans. Plus, the cost is reasonable.

How Does the Affiliate Program Work?

iTop has an affiliate program, which you can join for extra income. It is a referral program requiring you to invite others to use its products. You gain a commission upon a successful referral. 


Covered above are some of the most common questions many people have about iTop VPN. The answers provided touch on other topics you might be interested in. Enjoy the best VPN in UAE and other locations, and do not forget to upgrade to premium to access more features.

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