Best Leather iPhone Cases: Reviewed & Tested

For most people protecting their iPhone is like protecting their wallet. For others, their iPhone is just a fancy thing to show to others and hence use colorful skin and thin cases.

Each choice has its argument. But, we are not here to pick any sides. Instead, we are here to look for the best leather phone holster that protects your iPhone.

This article aims to help you find the right iPhone case that offers you the perfect balance of design, protection, and functionality.

You must know that no mobile case can protect your iPhone from all kinds of damage. But, they can certainly help reduce the extent of damages.

So, it is important to know your needs and from what type of damage you want to protect your iPhone.

Today, we are here for the exact same reason.

How To Pick The Perfect iPhone Case?

An iPhone is a great smartphone to have. It has all the features you need to smoothen your daily life. However, there is one fairly large flaw – It is delicate.

Not only the dual side of the glass can crack with even a small impact, but it is also quite slippery. So if you are not gripping your phone correctly, you risk slipping it to the ground.

We all know just how expensive the screen replacement or other body part replacement is. However, if we consider replacing the whole body part, you will find that it is equivalent to buying a new iPhone.

Hence, it is important to have a mobile case for your iPhone. Below are a few things you would want to consider before picking one for your iPhone.

  • Water resistance.
  • Functionality.
  • Protection from elements and errors.
  • Accessibility.
  • Cases with batter.

These are some things you must consider before buying an iPhone leather case. Of course, you must also add what you like for your case.

Go with something you would like to carry, not just for protection. So yes, if you can offer both, that is a good thing to have. But don’t compromise your likes.

Best Leather iPhone Cases: Reviewed & Tested

After you get your iPhone, you must immediately start looking for the best phone case for your iPhone. From our experience, we have seen that the market is filled with different leather cases, but only a select few come with the perfect balance of protection, design, and functionality.

After reviewing several phone cases, we have come to the conclusion that the following cases offer all three.

Embrazio Phone Wallet Holster

Embrazio might not be the cheapest on the list, but they are certainly the best. They are designed like a holster that you can wear on your belly. The leather design gives your wild west feeling and adds class to your overall look.

While it is highly protective for your phone, you can also use these phone wallets to store other small things like cards, paper cash, or keys.

Mujjo Full Wallet Leather Case

Mujjo is a full-case leather wallet. Unlike other leather phone wallets that look like they work out right out of the box, Mujjo remains in pristine condition and age as you use it. The best part is that you can see the cover’s aging and forming those marks you can see on any leather.

The cost of the Mujjo leather phone wallet is almost $49, and it comes with a single card slot that is stitched at the back of the cover. The only side of this wallet is that it doesn’t cover the buttons with a metal cover.

Nomad Wallet Case

Nomad phone wallets are the most rugged case that we have tested for this article. This phone case is not made entirely of leather. Some parts of it are made with rubber to offer a better grip.

According to Nomad, the case can protect the phone from a 6 feet drop. Because of this protection, the phone case is among the bulkier as you can get online.

Sena Bence Leather Phone Wallet

Sena comes with a whole line of full wallet leather covers for iPhones. However, the one that has the perfect fitting for most of the iPhones out there is the Sena Bence.

It provides wrap-around leather for your phone’s protection and comes with two card slots and a textured metal button. The only thing we don’t like about this case is that the card slots are sticky and make it hard for you to retrieve your cards.

Our Screen Protectors Enough To Protect Your iPhone?

We have worked with many clients and have talked with many iPhone users. While talking about the pros of having a phone case for the phone, many people have brought up the point of using a screen protector to protect the iPhone.

With all honesty, screen protectors are meant to protect only the screen of the iPhone from scratches. They serve a no better purpose than that.

That means when your iPhone falls on the ground, your screen might be protected from scratches, but not the body. And if the impact is more than the screen protectors can handle, it will simply crack.

Now coming back to your question, whether screen protectors can protect your iPhone or not – The answer is NO!

To offer your iPhone whole body protection, you need something that covers the entire iPhone. This is where you need a phone case.

While many phone cases have different features to offer, we suggest our audience go for leather. The reason is simple – Leather offers protection from the elements and impact.

Wrapping It Up!

The experience our iPhone allows us to have is worth protecting. But as the iPhone becomes more portable, we risk exposing ourselves to greater risk from the elements and human errors.

This article emphasizes the importance of having the best leather iPhone cases and things you need to consider before buying one. In addition, we have also added a list of our best handpicked iPhone cases that you would love.

And if you don’t own an iPhone, trust us, you will eventually have one in the future. In that case, this article will help you get the right phone case for your phone.

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