How Getting Cute Wedding Invitations Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

It takes ingenuity to plan a wedding on a tight budget so that you may obtain everything you want without breaking the bank. It’s possible that your invites might be the place where you save money. Making your own cute wedding invitations can save you a lot of money compared to buying professionally printed ones (at least $3 apiece, not including delivery)!

Explore the Options

You might get ideas by first searching online for examples of black and white wedding invitation. One of my go-to techniques for doing this is layering, which involves stacking and gluing together different coloured sheets. Prices for invitations in this manner might easily reach $3 or more per piece. However, if you’re prepared to do some work yourself, you can pull off this style even on a small budget.

Do Proper Research

Do your research before you go shopping; specialty paper should be readily available at craft shops and other retail locations. In many cases, you may get better discounts and coupons for your newspapers by purchasing online instead of in-store. You may make the back of your invites stand out by purchasing coloured card stock in the colour you desire and trimming it to match the size of the envelopes you plan on using.

Acquire High-Quality Resources

If you’re planning on making your own wedding invites, a decent paper cutter will come in handy. Copier services frequently provide these for free if you don’t have one. Additionally, you may think about getting one from a local craft shop, but don’t forget to bring your coupon! If you absolutely must purchase it, compare shipping quotations to be sure the whole price is still within your budget.

Design and Layout

Text for your invitations should be formatted to fit on a page that is 12-1 inches smaller in width than your huge pieces of card material. (Your cardstock pieces maybe 5 inches by 7 inches, while your regular paper might be 4 inches by 6 inches.) When you’re satisfied with the design, print off a sample invitation and trim it to size. You should visualize how the final result will turn out. You might either use an already made invitation template, or make your own using the Basic invitations program.

Buy Your Envelopes

Unless your invitation features a folding design, you will need to buy wedding envelopes. You may get wedding invitation envelopes in a variety of styles and formats, including the more traditional square flap, the more modern euro-flap, and even the more extravagant gold foil. For a list of where to get the best wedding invitation envelopes online, check out this page.

Printing Your Invitations

DIY wedding invitations are simple to produce using a standard inkjet or laser printer at home. Make sure you have lots of ink, however. We suggest Overnight Prints if you’d prefer to have your wedding invitations produced by a professional printer.

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