Insights on the different car designing courses

Automotive design courses revolve around designing the vehicle’s interior and exterior, which feels appealing to the eyes. Automotive design includes designing vehicles which include cars, trucks, buses, etc. Automobile design mainly includes functional design and the development of the car.

Automobile design is the development of the appearance of the vehicle. As an automotive designer, one will be responsible for creating concepts using sketches and computer-aided design programs for the appearance. Automotive designers must enroll in the best Car Designing Courses In India to learn different software and concepts. 

Often, students find it difficult to choose the best course for themselves. Let us have a look at different courses for automobile designing courses in India:

B.Tech in Mechanical/ Automobile Engineering:

Students can become automobile engineers by selecting mechanical as their career prospects. Different ways for choosing to engineer are by clearing different competitive engineering exams. The duration of this course is four years, and this is divided into eight semesters of six months. 

Bachelor of Design (B.Des)

Aspirants must choose a Bachelor of design course for becoming an automotive engineer. Students must take admission to this course by clearing the NID DAT exam. The duration of this course is three years, which also varies to about four years. 

ME/M.Tech in Automobile engineering:

This is a postgraduate course in the field of design, manufacturing, and operation of automobiles. Students must join this course to upscale their career prospects, and admission to this course is mainly with the help of a university or national joint entrance exam. The duration of this course is two years. Students must pursue this course by selecting a career in the automobile sector. 

Master of Design:

After completing a graduate degree in design from a well-recognized college with an aggregation score of 50%, this postgraduate course is for three years. The course is divided into four semesters and with training which is adjoined after the course completion.

This course mainly focuses on the study, invention, and creative use of technology for inventing or developing an experience for users. Aspirants will also be allowed to avail internships under different specializations. 

Diploma in advanced automobile technology:

This diploma course is a part of the mechanical engineering field. Applied engineering for automobiles, buses, etc., includes mechanical engineering elements. Numerous manufacturing plants and automobile workshops offer exclusive jobs to diploma individuals in automobile engineering. 

Certification courses

These are the most valuable course whose sole purpose is the enhance the skillset of the individual. These courses can be availed online or offline. The benefit of these certification courses is that they are quite laid back and don’t demand regular rigor from you. 


The above-mentioned degree covers all details for the students who are looking to enhance their car designing skills. You can also avail of the best Car Design Courses In Bangalore. The designing procedure includes different things such as designing concepts and methods to design. Certain prerequisites are offered for enrolling in automobile designing courses.

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