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Why Are LED luminaires Ideal For A City That Protects The Environment?

At present, it is important to pay close attention to the mechanisms for caring for the environment since natural resources are increasingly scarce and the problem of global warming is getting worse.

One way to do this is by using technologies that protect the planet. LED lights are one of them because they represent unbeatable benefits for the quality of life of everyone in the city.

Fewer lights are needed to illuminate an area.

LED luminaires focus light in only one direction, unlike other types of bulbs that illuminate areas that do not require it. Also, because the light is better distributed, you need fewer bulbs for a given area. This helps save fuel for transportation and manufacturing and packaging materials.

They consume less energy.

LED lighting uses 95% of the energy consumed to emit light, and the other 5% is wasted as heat. While fluorescent and incandescent lights do the exact opposite. Plus, a 38-watt LED light illuminates an area with the same intensity as a traditional 84-watt bulb.

They do not have toxic elements.

Since fluorescent lights contain mercury, you should dispose of them following specific safety procedures to prevent environmental damage.

They have a longer shelf life.

An LED luminaire has a useful life of between 25,000 and 100,000 hours and even more, which means that it can last up to 4 times longer than fluorescent light and 40 times longer than an incandescent light bulb.

Thanks to this, you will have to replace them less frequently, significantly reducing the emission of greenhouse gases that are the leading cause of global warming.

Without a doubt, LED lights are ideal for a city that protects the environment. Therefore, you must consider using this technology in lighting projects.

Four Creative Ways To Install An LED Luminaires Panel In Your Home

LED luminaires

LED light in homes, offices, and photography or recording studios has become a trend as a lighting system, thanks to its numerous advantages and benefits in energy saving, light efficiency, and practicality.

To create a modern, decorative and well-lit environment, you can install LED panels at different points in your room or study. There are some creative ways to do this installation. Next, we will show you 4 of them:

Install hanging panels

In addition to providing elegance to the environment, it achieves homogeneous lighting due to the distance between the panels. To install an LED panel according to this option, you must have an installation kit for suspension, including the steel cords and necessary tools for assembly.

Play with the angles and directions

It consists of positioning the LED panels in strategic areas according to the use that you will give to the room. If it is a video or photography studio, you must locate them according to the rule of the 3 points of light, keeping the ideal angle, either upwards or with uprights and light diffusers.

This unusual installation gives a creative and original touch to any space in the home.

Light up with recessed panels

One of the most common and discreet options is the installation of recessed LED panels on the ceiling.

Fix the panels with clamps

To do this, you must drill the surface and install the clamps, considering the measurements of the LED panel.

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