Difference Between Cross Play and Cross Platform Games

Now and then, new features are added to the games by the video game companies to compete and stand out in this ever-changing & rapidly growing gaming market. Some of these are loved, and some of them are not. The ones who are active in the gaming community – gamers, love them as it is helping them play that aligns with their interests. Of the various features, Cross Play and Cross Platform Games – with the word “cross” are conquering gaming with their demand. Many games are implementing these features, but why are they doing it? To understand this, let’s dig deeper into each of them and slowly understand their differences!  

When players from different platforms can play together via online multiplayer, it is a crossplay game. Whereas when a game is available on multiple platforms with the players playing the same game on their respective platforms is a cross-platform game.

Let’s take up a few examples to understand these concepts better. If you are on PlayStation, your friend is on Xbox, and you can play together on Fortnite, this is an example of crossplay. So, which means you and your friends can play the same game with each other though you all are on different platforms. Now, when a game releases on various platforms such as PlayStation, Switch versions, and Xbox, for its players to play on their corresponding platforms, it is not necessary to allow the players of these platforms to play together online, which is an example of cross-platform.  

Cross-Play Games:-

Nowadays, any mobile game development company, whether small or more prominent, is interested in making multiplayer games with crossplay support as they know how it keeps a player base engaged. The developers find it convenient to upgrade the game levels and encourage new players to take up the game when its available user base for a game is active, cutting short the waiting time. 

The other most exciting aspect is though you started playing a game on one platform, you can continue to play the game on another platform with crossplay. It also allows the existing players to share their favorite games with the new players. In whichever platform the players are playing, crossplay always gives the option for its players to play with others without any need to play alone.

But, there is a barrier to this because it is more difficult for developers to implement crossplay for all games than we think. There are development costs associated with it, and platform manufacturers want the players to choose & buy the platform that they like, which crossplay doesn’t encourage. Some very famous games that support crossplay are:- Halo Infinite, Call of Duty, Apex Legends, Destiny 2, Fortnite, Minecraft, Among Us, Rocket League, and many such. 

Cross-Platform Games:-

Cross-platform functionality has become necessary for its users in various ways. Many eminent game manufacturers, including Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, and others, started implementing this functionality for many of their games. There is a shift from the exclusive games available only on a single device to the inclusion of cross-platform support. The games now that the developer’s design is for PCs than other consoles because of their higher performance. 

The benefit of cross-platform is one can download a game like Fortnite on many devices like android or a computer and play happily. When any app, game, or software is supported across various platforms, it is helping its users in this cross-platform. Developers, in general, develop software with re-coding and repackaging and depending on how software is coded, cross-platform support can be enabled. The world of video games is immensely incorporating this support, and AAA multiplayer games are utilizing this feature. Some games with this support are:- Back 4 Blood, Brawlhalla, Chivalry 2, Dauntless, etc.   

Cross-Play and Cross-Platform Future:-

There is a great future for both the platforms in the gaming community and its markets. Game Development Companies are building games by including these features. More and more games are likely to be released on these platforms, which the gaming community will welcome. These platforms are improving the player base activity. Most multiplayer games will be in the markets soon. Gamers benefit from these options, which are getting encashed by the companies.  


Gaming companies are always on the lookout for evolving technologies and frameworks. They do not want to lose even a moment in designing the games that match the interests and comfort of the gamers. Juego Studios is also a game development company offering its clients trending game development services. Juego is ready to assimilate new technologies and game development services to meet the expectation of the gaming markets. It would be great if you could share your ideas with us, and we will let you know how best we can deliver the work with excellent quality and given timeframes. Juego Studios wanted to benefit clients and gamers by offering the services to incorporate the features of cross play and cross-platform support in the games.

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