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Modern Ways for Security and Convenience to Your Homes

With technology on the rise, it only makes sense that security and convenience should also adapt to the occasion. Conventional means of protecting your homes may no longer be the best option, and other methods should be explored for your safety and convenience. For example, an App based access system is something that you could look into. Let’s try to further explore such systems, specifically cloud-based access ones that you should totally get up to speed for.

Cloud-based systems, what are they?

Cloud-based systems come in many forms. They serve different purposes across a multitude of scenarios, but they serve a common platform: the cloud. Imagine opening your door fifty years ago. There’s only one way: insert a key, turn it, and unlock using the doorknob.

Imagine watching a movie during that era. You drive to your local movie theater, buy tickets, and sit down with others to enjoy the film. Lastly, imagine wanting to buy something that you’ve seen on commercials. Of course, there’s no other way but to go to the shop, and order it personally.

All of these things are vastly different today, because of cloud-based systems. That door that you can only open using mechanical means? It can now be accessed, locked, or given commands from anywhere in the world. It could be unlocked with your phone, a fingerprint, or by simply getting close to it.

Watching movies in the comfort of your homes is the more prevalent phenomenon than actually going to a movie theater, and ordering things online has become commonplace. Any activity that is accessible with an internet connection and using its services there involves the cloud. Cloud-based systems by extension are those that build their services and connections via the cloud. 

Cloud-based access control systems and how to take advantage

Now that cloud-based systems and the cloud are clarified, let’s take a step deeper into what these things could give us. Focusing on the homeowner aspect, there are a lot of things that we could take advantage of. Cloud-based control access systems may use your phone in managing the whole organization of features. Let’s explore the advantages of these systems over conventional methods.

  • Remote features – unlock your door from anywhere. You have a friend coming over and you’re not around? You could easily grant them access to your home should you want to. You don’t even have to lose track of the spare keys you give to them, nor do you have to always remember who has access to your home. With just an app, you could organize all of these and access them anytime, as long as you have an internet connection. 
  • Software advantages – having an app means having features that could be constantly updated. Your conventional method of locking doors wouldn’t have these. For example, having your lock built around a software foundation means that you could have different methods of connections that could communicate with the lock. Whether it’s Bluetooth, wifi, or other ways, you’d be rest assured to have no problems with connection. This also means that your doors are not at risk with conventional pick-and-lock burglary, as the hardware is designed to only be opened with your digital keys. Even if it has a spare safety mechanical keyhole, anyone tampering with it without your permission could immediately be caught by sending a notification to you, or setting off an alarm if you’re at home. 
  • Face unlock – cloud-based access systems could have face unlock built in to the locks. In these trying times where cleanliness and minimal contact is most preferred, this feature is essential. This also means that there is a hassle-free way for you to unlock your own doors, especially when you’re preoccupied or unable to use your phone. These systems have complex programming that is built around facial recognition that couldn’t be accessed otherwise.

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