10 simple photography tips for moms to improve skills

When a child is born the happiest person on earth is the mother. She takes care of her child with affection, loves the child from its infancy to childhood and also when he becomes a toddler raising the child to be a proper adult. So during this period it is necessary for a mom to capture all the beautiful moments with her child and family.

It can be very confusing for some moms at first. But when you take out your camera and click a few shots you will slowly get used to this. You will realize how fun and exciting it is. So if you are a new mother and need help for photographing your child you can read our 10 simple photography tips for moms to improve skills.

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The ideal Photography Gear for moms-

Get an appropriate Camera

Getting a good camera is the first and foremost task to do before any sort of photography. You need to have the appropriate camera for child photography. Usually most moms use random cameras for photography because they don’t think it as an important thing. But if you are really serious on this you will need to get an appropriate camera. It is not necessary to buy the costliest camera on the market for this. Generally, any sort of camera with a good setting can help you to do the job.

Buy a sharp lens

There are countless categories of lenses at the shop. So it is very daunting to select which one to buy and when you are a mom you will be naturally more confused. So don’t worry with buying the lens. Because you don’t have to go through all the specifications of the lens. Just go to a shop and ask for quality lenses. The well-known or branded lenses will help you to get sharp images. 

Buy an extra battery

We are sure that one battery will not be enough for a mom to click photographs of her child. Because we all know that she is a mother and she can do this thing all day! So a mom will click thousands of photos during day and night. As a result the battery will run out more often. So, buying an extra battery will be helpful since you don’t have to wait while the battery of your camera is on charging. 

Use a tripod

A tripod can be the best thing to avoid all kinds of shaking during photography. During child photography there will be a lot of unusual movements. In fact most mothers run after their child whole day to click a photo. So a small tripod can be handy for clicking instant photos of your child. As, it will easily give you clear and shake free images.

The 10 photography tips for moms-

Be as natural as possible

Natural photos are always the most beautiful photos. So don’t try to make your photo artificial by posing your child in an unnecessary position. Don’t make your child to do something unusual just to click a photo. Instead be more normal and natural. Take photos of the natural actions your child makes during the day, Take photo when he is sleeping, when he is playing or smiling. These things are considered as normal child actions and they are the most beautiful things in the world.

Shoot in the daylight

Day time is the best time to get natural lighting. Since most of the moms do photography inside the house it is tough to get natural light and without low light one can’t click clear photos. For this reason shooting in the daylight is important. Because your camera will get more light and create brighter photos.

Use light to your advantage

Not all parts of the house has the same amount of light. So you should roam around your house and see which places have more light and take your child there for the photoshoot. You can use the room light for advantage as well. Suppose you can tell your child to stand beside a window so that the light can play its part to create a beautiful image.

Take multiple shots

One shot from each position will not do any good. Click as many shots as possible! Take multiple shots from multiple positions. Keep questioning yourself what more positions can you choose? Is this position good or you need to try something else? These questions will help you to take more shots. As a result, during final selection you will have a lot of options to select.

Capture the best moments

Usually every moment spent with a child is amazing. When you spend your day with your child you will not even realize how quick the time passes. So don’t miss the opportunity grab these special moments. The moment when your child learned how to walk for the first time, when he started to rotate in the bed, the day when he first said the word “Mom”, his first day at school, the first thing he drew, playing with toys, sleeping peacefully. Moments like these are always special. So never miss out on capturing them so that they can stay in your memory forever!

Try creative angles

You need to know the correct angle before taking a picture. For most mothers it is a very confusing thing because they are not professional in this field. So it is alright to take some time. At first start with wide angle shots then go for portraits. Slowly change angles. Keep your lenses on move and try to be quick as your child will move a lot. Increasing the shutter speed of your camera can manage the movements and help you to take still photos easily.  Don’t be stuck with one angle. Try to go closer to your child and take pictures from above, sides and all other angles possible. We are sure creative angles will produce unique pictures!

Change the outfit of your child

Taking photos of your child with same clothes all day will eventually make all the photos look almost the same. Even if you change positions and angles you will not see much difference. So changing the outfit of your child is very important. Don’t pick anything glazy or colorful. Pick something plain and simple so that the focus remains on your child and not on the clothes. You can also do some make up to make the photos better if you want!

Use props

You can always use props for photography. The use of props depends on the age of your child. If he is in infancy you can use a baby feeder, Plastic nipples as props. If he is a growing child then using different toys and foods can be the best options. While sports items and fancy costumes are the best props for toddlers. 

Keep your child cheerful

Keeping your child cheerful is probably the most important job. If his mood is not good he will never let you take a single photo. So while taking his pictures try to entertain him. Play with him, keep talking with him, hand him toys to play, make him smile. These activities will keep your child engaged and he will allow you to take pictures of him easily. 

Edit the pictures later

Usually a lot of editing is not required in this kind of photography. But sometimes there are some details that are needed to be fixed. If you don’t edit the photo some errors will remain and they might spoil the whole thing. Therefore, professional editing is required at the end of the photo session. Only an expert can do this kind of editing. Since most mothers are not experts you can also take the help of different photo editing companies that provide e-commerce product photo editing services. They will provide quality photo editing services to you under reasonable price.


How do you manage family photos?

Managing family photos is a tough job. Especially when you don’t organize them from the beginning. But it is not an impossible thing. If you take some time you will be able manage it. Firstly, you should take out all your photos together. Secondly, divide them according to date and groups. Thirdly, put the photos into a final group and finish the job. 

How do I take good pictures of my child?

Taking pictures of their child is a very fun thing for parents. You can use many strategies for that. You can take pictures of them while they are doing some activity, while they play, sleep or eat. You should always keep the camera near you to be always ready as these moments can happen any time. You can also change outfits and hold a proper photoshoot for your child. Proper use of natural light will always create brighter image. As a result you will be able to take good pictures with ease!

How do you engage children in a photoshoot?

Keeping the children engaged in a photoshoot is the hardest part. They lose patience very easily. So you need to keep entertaining them. Tell them different stories, be playful with them, let them play with a toy, tell them jokes moreover held the photoshoot like a game. In this way they will feel more comfortable and you will also be comfortable to click their photos!

What settings should I use for family portraits?

For family portraits, most professionals like to use a setting that has low aperture of F/5.6 to f/8 or something in between that range. The ISO setting needs to be low so that the family portrait can look as natural as possible and the shutter speed should be around 1/200 to 1/400 or in between. With this setting you will be able to get good photos for sure.

How do I teach my mom to take good pictures?

If your mom is a beginner she should follow the light first. Find places that has the best light and ask her to practice taking shots in proper light. Then she should practice portraits and wide angle shots. Slowly she will figure out the manual setting for each situation. If she remains patient and keeps practicing eventually she will learn how to take good pictures!


Photography is both tough and fun for moms. It is also true that most of the moms become confused and click the same photos again and again without even realizing it. But if you follow the above 10 simple photography tips for moms to improve skills you will not repeat the same mistakes again. So practice taking pictures by following these tips and see yourself become an expert photographer mom!

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