Invest in cryptocurrencies without the risk of crypto scam

Cryptocurrencies which are known by most people all over the world, are also known as digital currencies. Banks or any other financial institution cannot control them. Digital currency transactions are more on the encrypted side. It means that the sending and receiving of crypto is secured and protected by cryptography. Cryptocurrency is limited, sometimes equating to metals such as gold and silver. Many cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology to record and store transactions. 

Participants involved in Crypto investment and trading have the risk of encountering crypto scams. It also means that the people dealing in crypto assets are responsible for themselves and their cryptos. If the crypto assets are not protected adequately, there is a higher risk of crypto scams. 

How is cryptocurrency obtained?

Crypto users can purchase cryptocurrency through a crypto exchange, an app, a website, etc. In addition, some people can get cryptocurrencies by using a complex procedure called “mining .” Mining needs improvised computer equipment for solving challenging math puzzles. 

What are the alternative ways to invest in cryptocurrency?

Investment in digital currencies or cryptocurrencies can vary from purchasing digital currencies to directly putting money in crypto funds and companies. There are several ways of putting your money into cryptocurrency and earning profits.

  • Purchase crypto directly:

You can directly buy one or more digital currencies and store them. Several options range from well-established virtual currencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin to virtually unknown coins that have just been released as an initial coin offering and are new to the crypto market. 

  • Putting your money in crypto companies:

You are welcome to put your money in companies that totally or partially concentrate on cryptocurrencies. The options are cryptocurrency mining companies, mining hardware makers, etc. 

  • Investing in crypto-based funds:

If you don’t want to invest your money in cryptocurrency companies, then another way to put your money in this industry is by investing in crypto-focused funds. You have the option of exchange-traded funds like index funds and future funds. 

  • Become a crypto miner or a validator:

The best way to invest your money into crypto is to act as a miner or a validator in the cryptocurrency network. The cryptocurrency miners and validators gain rewards in crypto, which they can either keep as investments or exchange them for another currency. 

What’s the cryptocurrency investment procedure?

The process of investing money in cryptocurrency is as follows:

  • First choose the right crypto exchange platform to invest in crypto. With the right crypto exchange platform, buying and selling crypto is easy.
  • Next, you have to open a trading account at the crypto exchange platform of your choice. The crypto account will be similar to a banking account. While doing the registration, the crypto exchange will perform the verification of your credentials. Your credentials are validated based on the services you want, the amount you plan to invest, and the available options for trading coins. It needs the Know Your Customer (KYC) data and sets the payment option suitable for you. For KYC, you must submit copies of your id proof, and address proof. 
  • After opening your crypto trading account, you must transfer money to buy digital currencies. You can move the funds from your bank account to your crypto trading account through online mode. However, to perform this activity, both your crypto and bank accounts have to be linked. 
  • After that, you must decide which coins you want to invest in. There are various popular coins, such as Bitcoin, along with other altcoins like Cardano, Binance, tether, XRP, etc., that you can choose from.
  • You can store your cryptocurrency in the cryptocurrency wallet that is provided to you. Also, please reserve your crypto account details very carefully.
  •  Make a note to choose the best crypto trading strategy to earn profits. 

What are the benefits of investing in digital currencies?

There are several benefits of putting your money into virtual currencies. The benefits are mentioned below:

  • By investing in cryptocurrency, you can get high returns on your investment. 
  • The market of digital currencies is global when compared to the stock market.
  • Cryptocurrencies are the best alternative to transferring funds from around the world. If an individual from a country wants to send money to a resident from another country, it is possible with Cryptocurrency trading, without any difficulty. Verification requires significantly less time as very few barriers exist in this market. 
  • The cryptocurrency markets always operate throughout the day, 24 hours a day and 7 days each week. Cryptocurrency transactions occur between individuals on a cryptocurrency exchange, situated worldwide. 
  • Cryptocurrency transactions are more manageable, as it has lesser costs and it also keeps the user anonymous. 
  • Cryptocurrencies are used for purchasing goods and services online.
  • Virtual currencies are exchanged for other coins and assets. 
  • Virtual currencies motivate investors as they are not much likely to be taken away by creditors. It makes more people put their money into virtual currencies. 
  • Blockchain technology handles all virtual currency transactions and ensures that they happen efficiently, without any frauds or mistakes. 
  • Cryptocurrencies provide an excellent opportunity for private investment as the government does own control over it.
  • Cryptocurrency has become more valuable and can be used for secured payments, both online or offline transactions. 

How should you store your cryptocurrency?

The virtual currencies are kept carefully in a digital wallet. The digital wallet may exist online, in a computer, or on an external hard drive. However, suppose something happens to your digital wallet, such as your online exchange platform going out of business. In that case, you may lose access to your digital currencies forever. Some other similar scenarios include: the digital currency being sent to the wrong address, you losing the password of your digital wallet, or your digital wallet being stolen. Then, recovering your funds can be more difficult.

What are the disadvantages of cryptocurrency trading?

Several disadvantages can occur when con artists use the cryptocurrency industry to trick and cheat you. 

  • Blackmail scam:

In a blackmail scam, the scammer sends an email to the victim by mentioning confidential information about the victim. Then the scammer requests the victim to pay them in crypto; otherwise, they threaten releasing the data. 

  • Social media cryptocurrency scams:

Social media crypto scams contain several posts or advertisements about cryptocurrencies, put out on social media. These social media posts or cryptocurrencies ads ask crypto users on social media to pay crypto, to either participate in a giveaway or for some other made-up reason. In reality though they are all fake. 

  • Fake apps:

Many apps exist for cryptocurrencies, and scammers are experts in duplicating them. If crypto users download fake cryptocurrency apps, they might be sending crypto payments directly to the fraudsters. 

  • Romance crypto scams:

In this scam, the romance scammer gets to know the victim, starts building an online relationship, and starts gaining trust. Once they’ve obtained their trust, the romance crypto scammer starts to ask for money in the form of crypto from the victim. Finally, the scammer comes up with some random reasons to ask for money. 

  • Employment cryptocurrency scams:

The scammers pose as recruiters and offer various fake job offers to job seekers. First, the scammers provide a link to the victims through email, leading them to phony job sites. Then they ask the victims to pay money in the form of cryptocurrency for onboarding and training. 


People must be careful while using cryptocurrencies. They should store the information of their cryptocurrency accounts and crypto wallets securely. Because crypto scams can take place anytime, it is hazardous. 

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