Beth Shuey Full Bio, Age, Kids, Divorce, New Relation

People who are crazy fans of football must know about former coach Sean Payton. In this article, we will talk about all the details related to her ex-wife Beth Shuey. So without wasting any time let’s get into the details.

Beth Shuey:

She is an American lady who got married to Sean Payton.  Their marriage continued for 24 years and then they got separated. She has no strong or famous family background. She got famous after marrying Sean.

Beth Shuey Bio:

Beth Shuey is a 52 years old woman and is single as she got separated. She was born in 1968 in Indiana, a city in the USA. She is American and holds Caucasian nationality. Her mother’s name is Joyce Antcliff Shuey.

Sean Payton Wife name was Beth Shuey. Back in their university days, they met each other for the very first time. They were in the same university. They were in the very famous Indiana State University and began to like each other and in no time they started dating.

Their whole university life was full of love and romance. They were love birds and always were together. They dated the whole time in university. After so much understanding and love, they decided to get married. And yeah that happened. The beautiful couple started a new chapter of their lives in 1992. Their wedding was grand and the ceremony touched everyone’s heart. They promised each other to spend their lives together.

Their divorce:

The couple started their life very happily but due to many reasons, they started to fall apart. Things got worse between them and finally, they got divorced. They spent 24 beautiful years together. But in the end they got separated.

Sean and Beth’s Childrens:

Beth Shuey

The couple had two beautiful children. After the divorce, Beth Shuey lived with her children. They had one daughter and one son. Their first child was a girl and she was born in 1997. Her name is Meghan and she is 23 years old. Their son’s name is Conner and he is just 20 years old.

Details about Meghan and Conner:

Beth Shuey takes care of her children very beautifully. They live together in a very big and luxurious house situated in Texas. If we talk about Meghan then she is very very pretty and wants to be a sports broadcaster. She is working really very hard to achieve her dreams.

She is very passionate about her dreams. Back in her school days, she was a member of the cheerleading squad and she really enjoyed that thing. She has studied sports like her father and she got a chance to work on FOX 8news. She has a boyfriend too. On the other hand, Conner is not much interested in sharing his life with anyone

Sean Payton Wife Net Worth and Career:

Beth Shuey was not rich in her early life. Like all middle-class Americans, she used to work to pay her expenses. But then Beth decided to quit that life and got married to Sean Payton. After that, Her life changed and she lived her best life.

Beth Shuey Husband net worth is approx 22  million dollars. After the divorce, she got a heavy amount from Sean to look after their children. She almost got a six-figure amount. She lives in the house that Sean bought for his family.


Beth Shuey is a middle-class woman, who got married to Sean Payton and had two children. She enjoyed her life to the fullest for 24 years even after divorce she had a very fancy life. She is currently single and is not dating anyone. In this article, we have covered all the information related to her. Hope you like it.

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