Caroline Smedvig (James Taylor’s Wife): Full Bio, Age, and Untold Facts

Celebrities are people’s favorite personalities; they adore them and follow their way of living. Some celebrities get hype due to their work and some get it due to these celebs. Let me make it clear to you that when you get attached to some famous person and have any kind of relationship with them that means people would love to get information about them too. Today we will talk about Caroline Smedvig. She is the wife of popular music artist James Taylor got attention from people. We would discuss details about her. So let’s jump into the details.

Caroline Smedvig:

Caroline was a reporter and she worked for the famous Boston Symphony Orchestra as marketing director. But then she got married to James Taylor and became the center of attention for many people. She was born on 31st May.1957. Her family background was not very strong. Caroline is an American. She is very attractive and still young. She stands 5 feet and 6 inches tall. She weighs 66 kg.

Caroline’s husband:

Everyone knows the famous guitarist, singer, and songwriter James Taylor. He is world famous and one of the selling musicians. There are more than 100 million records of James that have been sold. From his childhood, he began to work on music. In 1966 he formed his band with friends and released his first album. After the first release he got interested in drugs and was arrested then after coming out of jail he released his second album. 1.5 million copies were sold in the 1st year.

James has won many awards; he has won 5 Grammy awards. Getting married to such an amazing and popular artist is luck and a blessing. Caroline Smedvig is very lucky to be his wife. James was married twice before this marriage. But Caroline is living her best love as he loves her more than any wife.

Caroline Smedvig and James Taylor Relationship:

As mentioned above she used to work at Boston Orchestra and there she met Taylor for the very first time it is the time when her life was going to change completely. They then began dating each other and both had a very romantic relationship together. They stayed together for many years.

After many years of dating, they finally decided to get married. They tied not in 2001 in February. It is said that James is a very romantic husband. He shares a lot of romantic things about his wife. On the 19th anniversary, he surprised his wife Caroline Smedvig with 19 dozen of roses and caught the attention of all his fans.


James and Caroline are a very happy couple. James loves her wife a lot and we have seen him together at many places. Together with James, she has 2 children. Their first child was Henry Taylor who was born in 2002 and is 19 years old. He is interested in music too but he has never mentioned details about his career. He has shared pictures of guitars on his Instagram.

Caroline Smedvig’s 2nd child with James is Rufus Taylor. He is a nature lover and keeps his life private and loves to spend most of his time alone.

James Taylor’s wives:

James got married 3 times and Caroline Smedvig is his 3rd wife. If we talk about his first wife then her name is Carly Simon. Back in 1972 he got married to her in a simple wedding and got divorced in 1983. They had two children together.

His Second wife was Kathryn Walker and he married her in 1985. At that time he was much into drugs and his wife helped him a lot in recovering.

Lastly, he got married to Caroline in 1995. Both of them are still married and have twin boys.


In this article, we have talked about Caroline Smedvig, who was a normal girl and got famous after getting married to James. Both are living happily and enjoying their lives.

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