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What Does a Real Estate Agent Do to Successfully Sell Your Home?

Selling your home is not a small job. Not only does the property hold monetary value, but it is also your house and the place where you have memories. But just because you love your home, doesn’t mean you’re the best person to sell it. 

Real estate agents are qualified to assess your home’s value, market it and sell it for the best possible price they can. 

But if you’re unaware, a good real estate agent doesn’t just guess a price and put your home on a few websites, here is what a real estate agent, like those who help you sell your home at Established Property,  does to aid you in the home selling process.

They Will Price the Home Accurately

The property market is always changing, and this determines the value of your home, alongside other factors such as your local area, and demand. With all this knowledge in mind, a real estate agent will be able to advise you as to the best price for your property and why. This price is competitive, while still being an accurate price your home is most likely to sell at. 

They will Market the Home Well

Real estate agents will make sure your home sees the proper market exposure. They do this by tapping into the extensive database of platforms full of potential home buyers and making sure your home looks the best it can be. They will be able to make sure the greatest number of people possible see your property, and that is key to a quick sale.

They Will Communicate With The Seller

A really great real estate agent is never going to leave you hanging. They will keep an open line of communication, and this entails answering client questions, abating client concerns and in general, giving the client peace of mind. 

They Will Make Sure the Buyer is Qualified

Any person on the street can be interested in purchasing a property, but not everyone is actually financially capable of affording the sale. An expert real estate agent will handle all the paperwork associated with a sale on the seller’s behalf, and this includes vetting potential buyers and verifying a potential buyer’s pre-approval for a home loan. 

They Will Negotiate the Best Terms

A real estate agent worth their salt will always look after their client first, so when it comes to looking at the small details and technical aspects of the property sale, they become the key to a smooth process. This is important as it makes sure the realtor will also earn a higher commission, so it benefits both parties. 

They Can Represent the Seller

Home inspections can happen at short notice, so if you aren’t available, your real estate agent can attend and highlight the best parts of your property. Allowing your realtor to handle this aspect of the process means they can stage your home in the best light, and save you the chit-chat and the time out of your day. 

They Can Tie Up Loose Ends 

When it comes time to close the deal, a real estate agent will help with the legal transfer of your property and all the paperwork that comes with it. This includes a Contract of Sale, Verification of Identity, Certificate of Title and more. If this paperwork is not done properly, it can cause issues for you down the line.  

The tasks real estate agents undertake are far beyond just making a sale happen. With this in mind, you have to make sure to make a good investment, and this is where Established Property comes in. The real estate company of choice for Point Cook and Wyndham locals, Established Property is capable of fully handling all your home selling needs from the pricing to the marketing, to negotiations and more. 

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