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You all guys know about Amazon because it’s a huge platform. You can easily get any kind of product from gadget to house appliance under one platform. You will be stunned to know the percentage that is working on amazon. Over the globe 9.3million people are selling their products on Amazon. Among them 73% of people use FBA shipping rapid express freight for shipping. Amazon has 180 warehouses to manage the inventory coming under FBA. We will discuss this topic in detail so you can understand it well.

What is FBA shipping rapid express freight?

You know that to deliver a parcel you need a company that delivers your parcel rapid express is one of those logistic companies . They deliver parcels using different transportation such as trains, airplanes and trucks. It delivers your cargo on time at a reasonable cost. It is Amazon’s best company.


Amazon provides this service to its sellers that help to store and ship their inventory. You can say in simple words that if you order something on amazon FBA will pick , pack and ship your order. This is the most convenient for sellers and helps sellers to get more customers.

Important factors of FBA shipping rapid express freight:

It is the most widely used American company that has gained the trust of people with its amazing services. It provides its services in all US and Canada. Let’s talk about some important features of this American logistic company.

  • Rapid Transit

We all want to get our parcels delivered within a few days. The FBA shipping makes rapid deliveries that have won the trust of sellers. Amazon trusts it because of its  fast delivery. It affiliates with all North America and delivers parcels in a short period of time.

  • Secured delivery 

We all are very secure about our parcels and we want to get parcels as it is as we have ordered. No one would like to receive a broken or damaged parcel. Rapid express freight is fabulous in this regard; it guarantees their customers to deliver their parcel in perfect condition.

  •  Monitoring facility 

They have headquarters in different states such as New York and Monsey. They have a software named monitoring facility that monitors and tracks all parcels that they have reached or not. Customers can also download it to keep the track of their shipments.

  • Load entry

Load entry app is a new and advanced app created by rapid express freight. This app helps customers to add all details about their cargo such as  weight, height, origin, destination and type of package. This is helpful for online shipping.

  • Powerful database

FBA shipping rapid express freight has connections with different people of North America to identify the best fit for their shipment assignment. The company is maintaining a record of all warehouses and the partners  with the help of a database.  This will ensure that the parcel has been sent successfully to the buyer at the right destination.

Shipping process of items:

You need to add a product before shipping to amazon FBA rapid express freight.

  • On the portal of amazon you will click to inventory and then select the product.
  • Then you will have two options whether to ship a single product or many products under one shipment.
  • For one product you will choose that option and for multiple products click that option.
  • After choosing products click the Action option and then “send replenish inventory”.
  • Three questions will be in front of you:

1- Shipping plan?

2- Address?

3- Individual packed products or cased packed products?

  • Then select the shipping carrier. Your shipping will depend on it.
  • Now the next page will be opened in front of you that will ask you  a question: who prep? You will get two options such as merchant and amazon.
  • Then select the merchant option because it is more convenient.
  • Then you will see the option of print label of this page after that final page will be generated in front of you that will show all options that you have selected.
  • Click on approve to confirm all details/.


Today we have talked about a very important topic: FBA shipping rapid express freight.  It is a very trustworthy platform that amazon has chosen. It offers faster and secured  delivery of your products. I hope you like the details mentioned above.

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