How To Install WordPress On Bluehost Hosting

Initially designed for bloggers, WordPress has expanded to become a full content management system and much more. Are you ready to begin? You may quickly add WordPress and other third-party software to your hosting account with the help of the Marketplace. There are several ways to install wordpress on Bluehost hosting. The best ones are mentioned in this article. 

What is the process of web hosting?

If you want to launch a real-world enterprise, you’ll need a physical space to house your operations and meet with customers. When creating a website in cyberspace, the same principles apply

When you launch an online store, you create a website consisting of various files, graphics, and HTML code. These documents require storage space. If you don’t have a place for your data online, they’ll merely collect digital dust on your hard drive. To put it simply, a hosting provider is the company you pay to have your website’s data stored on a web server and served up when someone types in your domain name into a browser. If you own a business, paying for hosting services is the equivalent of renting a storefront.

Advice on Choosing a Web Host

It’s crucial to think about the many hosting options available before deciding on a provider. When choosing where to host your site, keep these items in mind.

  • Can you describe the kind of site you’re making? Shopping carts, weblogs, portfolios, etc.
  • What is the required bandwidth to run your site, taking into account the sort of website it is?
  • What about email addresses for your domain?
  • In what ways may hosting be customised?
  • How about secure certificates? Do they offer those?
  • You may quickly and easily register your domain name after selecting a web host. Hosting companies frequently double as domain registrars.

What is Bluehost Hosting?

The Endurance International Group owns the web hosting provider Bluehost. In 2010, it was one of the 20 largest web servers and it hosted over 2 million domains.

The web hosting business Bluehost was one of many that were analysed for their role in MOOCs.

In addition to their professional marketing services, Bluehost also provides shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and WooCommerce hosting. PHP 7 and HTTP/2 together with Nginx+ caching are running on their servers.

WordPress installation via the Marketplace (Legacy)

  • Log into your cPanel account with Bluehost.
  • Select Install WordPress from the Website area after finding it.
  • Select Install from the menu.
  • Pick the domain name you want to install it on. You can specify a subdirectory like “blog” or leave the area empty if you want the site’s home page to be the blog in the field next to the domain.
  • You may change the new WordPress installation’s email address, username, and password as needed. You may modify those settings by selecting “advanced options.”
  • Check the boxes after reading the licence and service agreements.
  • Decide to click Install Now.

WordPress installation using My Sites (Bluerock)

  • Open your Bluehost Hosting account and log in.
  • From the left-side menu, select the My Sites tab.
  • Select “Create Site” from the menu.
  • Type in the website’s name and tagline.
  • Choose Next.
  • The drop-down list will allow you to choose the domain you want to install to.
  • Select the location where this should be installed, then click Next.

Tips for Hosting Content on WordPress

Learn the meaning of a CMS (content management system)

First things first: learn what a CMS is. A website’s content management system (CMS) refers to its collection of files. It’s essentially a straightforward system that may facilitate the management, curation, and publication of content for websites. WordPress is a widely used content management system.

A content management system may ease the burden of maintaining your website. One may be used to create a website in a matter of minutes, even by those with no experience in the field. After all, there may simply be a few clicks required to set up a CMS. Moreover, on most social media platforms, publishing material is as easy as making a status update.

You may locate dependable organisations, such as Ventra IP, that offer WordPress web hosting to improve your site if you’re interested in learning more about content management systems. The most notable difference between WordPress hosting and regular hosting is that your provider will only install WordPress on your servers. As a result, protecting your site and boosting its speed will be less of a problem.

Get to know about the Terminologies

Knowledge of CMS is helpful, but so is knowledge of other web hosting and development terms. Subscribing to a web hosting provider may seem simple, but only to those who are proficient in web creation technology.

If you’ve never built or published a website before, web hosting may seem like a foreign language. As such, before signing up with a web host service, you should have a firm grasp of the most prevalent jargon. Some examples are as follows:

  • A server is a central computer or group of computers that handles all the data transfers and requests for a website.
  • The term “control panel” refers to the interface via which you manage your website’s server settings and other aspects of your web hosting account.
  • Domain is another term for a web address. Domain name registration and web hosting account creation are two distinct processes. Usually, you’ll have to rent space on a server that specialises in hosting domain names.
  • Limits on things like bandwidth, CPU use, memory, and disc space are all aspects of a server’s infrastructure that might have an effect on your web hosting package. Your website’s performance may suffer if your hosting plan has severe limits on these variables.
  • In addition, there are a plethora of acronyms and abbreviations, such as “Web 3.0,” that you should know. The ones we’ve highlighted are, without a doubt, the most vital, since they form the backbone of your hosting account’s functionality.

Further, remember that there are many instances where one phrase may be simply substituted for another. Domain names and web addresses, for instance, aren’t synonymous. It’s very similar, but there are a few key differences you should be aware of, such as the addition of .com to the address. Best hosted websites such as PrimApp know all about these basic terminologies in detail. 


In conclusion, If you are looking into getting a web hosting account, these are some of the things you should think about. The above article has also informed you about the best two ways to install wordpress on bluehost hosting which even the best website TipTop uses.

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