Weak Spots in Your Property to Fix

Burglaries are a sad reality of life and can be devastating for anyone who experiences them. Burglars are always looking for weak spots in your property that they can exploit to gain entry or access to valuable items. Knowing what these weak spots are, and how to fix them, can help you better protect your home from intruders.

By removing weak spots, you can make your property less attractive to criminals – and this is always the goal!

Old Windows

Even with the strongest door in the world, outdated windows can end up leaving your home vulnerable to burglars. Old, single-pane windows are easy to break, allowing criminals easy access to your home. To fix this weak spot, simply install window locks and replace old windows with modern double or triple-glazed options.

Flimsy Doors

Another weak point in many homes is the front door. Often, this area is overlooked and criminals will take advantage of a flimsy or poorly installed door to gain access to your home. To make sure this doesn’t happen, you should look into installing an extra-strong steel core door with heavy-duty hardware, such as deadbolts and locksets. Remember, criminals won’t work any harder than necessary. Although it sounds simple, they won’t hesitate to stroll in through the front door first.

Gate Hardware

Many homes have a fence or gate around their property that is intended to be an extra security measure. Unfortunately, these gates can often have weak locks, hinges, and handles that can easily be broken into if not inspected regularly. To make sure your gate is secure, inspect the locks, hinges, and any other hardware. If necessary, get an upgraded striker plate from Richmond Wheel & Castor Co to prevent the gate from being kicked open.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting that is placed around a property can deter intruders from entering. Weak (or a lack of) outdoor lighting, however, is ineffective and can leave your home vulnerable to attack. Make sure your outdoor lights are positioned in such a way that it illuminates the areas surrounding your property. Motion-activated lights are great to have as they will only turn on when movement is detected, thus providing a higher level of security for your home.

Garage Door

Unfortunately, the garage door is an often-overlooked point of entry into a home…but not by burglars. Make sure to regularly check that the locking mechanism is in good working order, as faulty mechanisms can be easily picked by burglars. Additionally, if your home has any exposed cables connected to the garage door, you must get them safely tucked away.

Hidden Key

In 2023, ‘keyless entry’ is becoming increasingly popular, but there are still many people who rely on traditional keys to enter their homes. It’s important to never leave a spare key in an easily accessible area, like under the welcome mat or near the front door. Keep your spare key somewhere off-site and out of sight, like with a trusted neighbour or in a secure lock box. It’s no longer good enough to hide a key under the plant pot.

Outdated Security System

A strong home security system can be your first line of defence against burglars, but it’s important to make sure it’s up to date with the latest technology. Older systems may not be as reliable and won’t offer the advanced features and prevention of newer, smarter systems. Upgrade your system so that it can detect suspicious activity and send alerts straight to your phone, as well as monitor entry points like windows and doors.

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