IAN Reviews Download APK (2022)

IAN Reviews: Everyone wishes to be safe at the places where they work. Because nothing is more important than the life of a person. As you know anything can happen at any time. Emergencies like fire, robbery, earthquakes, and many others are common.

It has been designed to alert the people of organizations in any such situation. The app is named IAN. It does wonders when it comes to the life of a person. In this article, we will talk about all the details of IAN reviews.

IAN Reviews:


Its full form is an instant alert network. IAN App is designed to make the employees of an organization aware of any security threats. It is installed in smartphones and when an emergency emerges it informs everyone. This app is very helpful to cope with any harmful situation. In very less time you can escape from that place when you get alerted. Organizational Employees have given positive IAN reviews.

IAN Reviews About its features:

If we talk about the specifications and important features of this app then there are very positive IAN Reviews related to it. Let’s have a glance at them.

1- You can easily customize this app with just one touch and then meet your needs very quickly.

2- There are a lot of options for alerts. Meaning you can get alerts in multiple ways through this app.

3- Notification will be given to you via push.

4- It also has a locator GPS. It can locate your location in minutes.

5-    It has a function that sends calls directly.

IAN reviews about latest update:

1- It is free to use. You don’t have to pay for this app. You can easily download it. This life-saving app is very user-friendly.

2- Its interface is very handy and users can easily take advantage of it.

How to download the IAN app on your android phone?

IAN reviews have revealed the step-by-step process to download this alert app. If you want to download this app then follow the given steps.

1- In your phone’s app store type the IAN app in the search bar and find the app.

2- Once you have found it you will see the Download option. Click on it. it will start to download.

3- Wait until it gets downloaded. Once it is done then go to your phone settings.

4- From your phone’s settings select security. Then select unknown sources and make sure that they enable them. This step is very important so don’t try to forget it.

5- Then go to your download files and open this IAN APK and then install it.

6- Then you are all set to use this app.

IAN reviews about security:

Many people are curious to know if this is a safe app to use. IAN reviews have revealed that it is a safe app to use. There is no harm in downloading this file. It is a verified app and it is clean from all viruses. You can surely download and it contains no harm.

Advantages and Disadvantages of IAN:


1- It is free to use.

2- Once you download it you can easily install and uninstall it anytime.


1- It is downloaded from a 3rd party which can be a bit harmful.

2- It can steal important information from your phone.


This article was all about sharing IAN reviews. This app can save you from many harmful situations by alerting you through your phone. But at the same time there is a possibility that your personal information can get stolen. All the information is shared above. Hope you like it.

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