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AutoZone Hours: If you are a car lover and you really take care of your car then this article is surely for you. AutoZone is a very famous shop for purchasing auto accessories. You can get all spare parts related to your vehicle. They provide you with batteries, brakes, a pad, and many other accessories. It is situated in the US and it is very important for you to have knowledge about AutoZone Hours. In this article, we will talk about it.

AutoZone Hours:

AutoZone is a store where you can get items related to your vehicle. They are popular due to their quality products. The AutoZone Hours vary from location to location.

What time does AutoZone Close?

So basically its timing is different in different locations. Always check the timing before you visit any market. But most of the AutoZone stores close at 8:00 PM. In some areas, its closing time is 9:00 and 10:00 PM.

What time does AutoZone close on Sunday?

On Sunday there is a fluctuation in AutoZone Hours. As in most places, Sunday is off. AutoZone also gives its workers off 2 or 3 hours earlier. On normal days it closes at 8:00 pm but on Sunday its closing timing is 7:00 or 6:00 pm.

What time does AutoZone open?

The opening of AutoZone stores is also different in some places. Mostly it is different due to the time difference in some states. But in most stores, the opening time is 7:30 AM and 8:00 PM.

What time does AutoZone open on Sunday?

AutoZone Hours for Sunday is different. They open the store a bit late on Sundays. In most stores, the opening time is after 8:00 PM. They usually work for 12 hours and in these hours they try their best to serve clients with the best services.

AutoZone Hours Today:

You will find an AutoZone store open 7 days a week. The time for its opening is usually 8:00 and the closing time is 10:00 PM. But as mentioned above on Sundays it is different.

Holidays hours for AutoZone:

AutoZone serves its clients almost every day of the year. They are very concerned with the needs of their customers. They know that customers can need them anytime. That’s why you will find them open even on special events. Below is the list of holidays when the AutoZone store stays open:

1-   Father’s day

2-   Mother’s day

3-   Halloween day

4-   Columbus day

5- Valentine’s day

6-   Veteran’s day

7-   Independence day

8-   Labor day

9-   Easter Monday

10-  New year’s day

11-  President day

12-  Good Friday

13-  Memorial day

14- New year’s evening

And Nowhere is a very short list of where AutoZone Store closes:

1-   Easter Sunday

2-   Christmas day

3-   Thanksgiving day

AutoZone Store near me:

There are almost 6000 stores in different areas. And AutoZone hours are different at some locations. So it is difficult to find an open store near you. In this regard, an AutoZone store locator can help you. You just have to open it and then enter your city name and its zip code and hit the search button. It will open all the stores near you with its opening and closing timings. Moreover, you can also reach the store with the help of google maps. 


 In this article, we talked about AutoZone hours. There are almost 6092 stores and its headquarters are in Tennessee. AutoZone stores are operated in Mexico, Brazil, and some other countries as well. All the details are mentioned above. Hope you like the article.

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