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There are a lot of people who are fans of sports. When the Olympics get started they just fix their positions in front of the tv. And they see their favorite sports played by their favorite sportsman-woman. It is very fun watching different sports. When you watch live face-to-face matches these are even more interesting. People are very curious to get knowledge about their favorite sports players. In this article, we are going to discuss details about Clara Fernandez. This Information is going to be very interesting so let’s see the details.

Clara Fernandez:

Clara Fernández is a very well-known international triathlete. She is a professional player. This is a multisport race that covers cycling, pole vaulter, running, and swimming and the distances vary in all these races.

Clara Fernandez Biography:

Clara Fernandez

Clara being very famous has thousands of fans who are very interested in getting knowledge about her. So starting from her birthplace and the birth date she was born in Barcelona, Spain, and is only 18 years old. Clara Fernandez spent her childhood in Spain. She was born on 22nd October 2003. Her zodiac sign is libra.

Physical Appearance:

Athletes maintain their figures to stay fit for their games. Clara also has also maintained her body. Her height is perfect. She stands at 5 feet and 10 inches tall. Clara Fernandez is a very pretty and cute girl with a fair skin complexion, dark brown eyes, and long hair that attracts people.

Clara Fernandez’s Parents:

There is not much information about her parents on the internet. Clara has never revealed details about them. The information that is known is that she spent her childhood in Spain with her parents.

Clara’s Siblings:

Same as her parents no one knows about Clara Fernández’s siblings. She has never been seen sharing her personal stuff and this is very disappointing for fans because they like to gather information about their favorite person. But in her case, they don’t get any information.

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Clara Fernandez’s Career:

Her career started when she was very young. Clara’s devotion and hard work became the reason for her ultimate success. She is a triathlete, mainly the pole vaulter. It is a game where you have to throw a pole from a distance and one who throws it at a longer distance usually wins the game. This requires a lot of strength and this young girl is very good at it. She is a pro at it. Clara Fernández is famous today because of her countless efforts.


Clara Fernandez has taken part in many national and international games. And with her skills, she has won multiple games. There are a lot of titles on her name. Everyone appreciates Clara’s skills and strengths. She gets appreciated by her mentors. They have full faith in her skills and they feel if she continues to play like this the time will not be far when Clara’s name will come among the world’s best players.


She is an international player and has achieved a luxurious life through her passion for sports. In Clara’s teens, she made her career and since that day she is earning for herself. As you know that many famous brands sponsor players and these sponsorships become the means of their income. Clara also earns a part of the money through these sponsorships.


Clara Fernandez is famous due to her athletic skills. She is a pro player in the pole vault. Clara is very devoted to her career and is working really hard to achieve her dreams. She is single and gives her all-time to sports only.

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