New Mobile Media Scam or Legit? Full Review

New Mobile Media: In today’s world, everyone wants to earn online by doing a little work. There are a lot of apps that let you earn money online. Some apps or sites are real and some are fake. They convince the person in such a way that the person trusts them and puts some investment in their work and once you transfer them your money they just disappear and all your money is lost leaving you empty-handed. In this article, we will talk about New Mobile Media whether it is real or fake. So let’s look at the details.

New Mobile Media:

This is a new app that claims that you can earn from this app by referring this app to your friends and family or by completing some irrelevant tasks. For earning money they ask you to buy a virtual machine. They trap people by saying that they give the amount of this machine and then easily earn money.

Is New Mobile Media a scam or Legit?

I am here to give you genuine reviews about this new app. So let me tell you that this new mobile media app is fake and a hundred percent a scam. It has copied the name from another app. There is no information available about who owns this app. Now let me tell you the details and on this basis, you can conclude whether to trust such apps or not.


–         They don’t reveal they’re true identity and they just don’t share the original address.

–          They will divert your mind in such a way that you will get distracted immediately. They will talk about just profits, not about pros and cons.

–         There will be no reviews about these apps.

Facts that support New Media Media is a scam:

There are a lot of things that will alert you and prove to you that this is an absolutely fake app let’s have a glance at them:

1- You will not find any official website for this app which is the first indication of being fake.

2- They will never mention their official contact numbers instead they will give fake numbers that will block you after scamming you.

3- Information about who developed this app is absent.

4- The information about us is very fake.

5- There is no disclaimer page on this app.

6- There is no information related to future plans.

7- The Design of this app is very poor.

Can you invest in New Mobile Media?

Not at all, always be careful in investing your money in such apps or any other apps related to this name. they will never give you the guarantee of the money that you are investing. You should also not share any of your personal information with such apps. Never mention your bank account details with such an app because they can hack your accounts and steal your money. I will never recommend you to invest in this New Mobile Media app because this was recently developed and doesn’t contain any authentic information.

New mobile media login:

If you want to have this fake app then you can download it from any referral link and then can put your money as an investment. But I would say to avoid investing your money in such a fraudulent app. This app is not even available on the google play store. This app has only a few reviews and these are also negative. That’s why Google play store removed it to keep people safe from getting scammed.

Other legit apps:

You can surely earn money online but always be careful to invest your money online. Keep in mind that apps should have official websites and contact numbers. They should contain positive reviews about it. Moreover, they tell you about future planning too.


In this article, we have talked about Is New Mobile Media Scam or Legit? So I must say this is a fake and fraudulent app. So you should avoid using it.

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