Why do Diamond Saw Blades have Broken Teeth?

Granite cutting wheel, a kind of saw blade with high price and widely used in sawing aluminum profiles, acrylic, and other materials. The working condition of diamond saw blades affects the nerves of many business leaders. Since the diamond saw blade uses a hard-textured diamond bit with good cutting performance on the sawtooth, this directly determines its own high market positioning. For ordinary alloy saw blades, the cost of scrapping a saw blade due to broken teeth is not high, but if it is replaced by a diamond saw blade with broken teeth, it will actually hurt. There are many reasons for the broken teeth of diamond saw blades. In addition to improper human operation, there are problems in the manufacturing process, which are often overlooked by us. 

Today, the saw owner wants to start with the production and processing of diamond saw blades, and give you an inventory of why diamond saw blades have broken teeth. 

Reason 1:

The temperature is too high when welding teeth In the production of diamond hand saw, there is a very important production link, that is, welding teeth to the saw blade. As the core point of sintered diamond blades factory, whether the sawtooth is welded well or not actually determines the overall quality of a diamond saw blade. At present, in the production process, the most common problem for us is that the welding effect of the sawtooth cannot reach the ideal state because the welding temperature is not well controlled.

Among them, when the diamond saw blade is welded, the temperature should be controlled within 950°C. If the welding temperature exceeds 950°C when welding the diamond sawtooth, a large amount of martensite structure will appear on the sawtooth. Compared with the bainite structure of the BSP angle grinder diamond blade matrix, once the sawtooth is not well controlled due to the welding temperature, the martensitic structure appears on the sawtooth, and the hardness of the sawtooth is actually lower than that of the saw blade matrix. Under such circumstances, once the diamond saw blade is put into production, it is impossible not to have broken teeth. 

Diamond Saw Blades

Therefore, for companies that produce how to cut concrete with an angle grinder, even if the welding machine is sometimes repaired, we must always ensure that the various parameters of the welding machine cannot be changed. Otherwise, it will be a production accident that affects the whole body, which is unacceptable for the enterprise, let alone tolerate such a situation. 

Reason 2:

Lack of tempering process In order to prevent broken teeth on angle grinder cut concrete, in addition to strictly controlling the welding temperature of the saw teeth, there is another place that we cannot ignore, that is, tempering the diamond saw blades.

Through tempering, we can make the structure of the teeth of the BSP concrete grinding wheel into a tempered martensite structure, and in the transition area between the teeth and the matrix, there are tempered troostite and tempered martensite structures. Through the tempering process, we have not only significantly improved the toughness of the BSP asphalt cutting blade, but also made the teeth of the diamond saw blade less prone to breakage after tempering.

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