Diets and Runners: What To Eat And What Not To Eat

Running requires quite a lot of stamina as a whole. Hence, if you don’t prepare your body for such a massive stress, it’ll be impossible for you to cover the required distance properly.

Now, when it comes to running, there’s only one that can help you improve or replenish your lost stamina – following a proper diet and cutting down on your overall weight. Here’s what you should include in it.

What Should You Eat?


You simply cannot be careless with your food-related choices. Instead, your sole focus should be on eating the right thing for your purpose and being aware of the food for runners to avoid. Keep reading to know more.

Must-Eat 1: Bananas.

If you’re seeking a high-carb energy booster for your afternoon venture, eating one banana before going out will do the trick perfectly. It offers a hefty amount of potassium and, hence, can help you in case you tend to sweat a lot while running.

Must-Eat 2: Peanut Butter.

Unlike the former, peanut butter cannot improve your energy or anything at all. Nonetheless, it’s an excellent source of vitamin E and, therefore, can keep your body clean and fresh. Also, the product comes with a small amount of monounsaturated fat. So, if you consume it daily, it can efficiently decrease the level of cholesterol in your blood and improve your immunity.

Must-Eat 3: Oatmeal.

Oats are perfect for boosting your energy to the top and offering a decent amount of carbs as well. It’s also known to be an excellent source of fiber and, thus, can be perfect for the health of your colon. Plus, unlike other grains, oats have a low glycemic index as well. Hence, they can help you maintain your blood sugar and make you feel full for a prolonged period.

What Should You Avoid?

In the previous section, we’ve explained the foods that you should eat regularly. Now, let us learn about what you need to avoid to become a better athlete.

Must-Avoid 1: Sugary Or Carbonated Beverage.

Almost every carbonated beverage available out there comes with a small amount of sugar as a whole. Therefore, they might taste decent at the beginning. However, if you drink it daily, it might lead to chronic dehydration. Apart from this, a carbonated beverage can also be quite a bit difficult to digest. Consider the various alternatives to these cravings and they might not end up interfering with the health and efficiency of your stomach.

Must-Avoid 2: Alcohol.

Like the former, alcohol, too, can make you feel dehydrated all the time. Also, it can lead to frequent urination, which isn’t really good for a runner. Additionally, drinking alcohol might also lead to stomach issues and cramps in most cases. It may affect your digestion capability to some extent as well. So, it might be best for you to stay away from it.

Must-Avoid 3: Energy Drinks.

Drinking an energy-enthusing beverage can certainly boost your energy to some extent. But, unfortunately, the effect of the same lasts for only a small amount of time. And once it’s over, you’ll feel completely exhausted and worn out. Thus, it’ll be almost impossible for you to run for a prolonged time. Besides, it can also cause a lot of sweating. So, it’s best to stay away.

Other Diet-Related Tips For A Runner

Running can be quite a difficult activity and you have to carefully consider your diet, to be honest. Therefore, if you’re not at your best, it might be a little tricky for you to become a professional runner. Thus, to help you out a little here, we have added a few more tips in this section. Hopefully, they’ll aid you in achieving whatever you are trying to achieve.

  • Avoid spicy foods as much as possible.
  • Do rope-skipping for at least 30 minutes everyday to increase your stamina.
  • Eat foods that are high in carbohydrates and fiber.
  • Sleep early and wake up at the earliest.
  • Cook with olive oil instead of the traditional options.

Running To The Goal Of Achieving A Healthy Body!

Running is definitely an excellent way to improve your body and maintain your health. But, it won’t work out too well for you if you are not eating well.

Hopefully, the tips we have shared here can be beneficial in your case. However, if you need another tip or two in this aspect, please talk to a nutritionist today.

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