How to Spot Fake CBD Oil?

The growing awareness of CBD’s benefits has made it a mainstream wellness supplement. People incorporate this natural compound into their daily routine for various reasons. Some want to get better sleep, and others look for improved health and wellness. The demand for CBD products is rising, and this unregulated market is rife with product offerings, some of which do not meet the required quality and safety standards. 

How to spot fake CBD oil and other products is a challenge you need to address before getting your hands on quality products. The following lines share tips and tricks to help you identify real CBD vs fake. 

Is CBD a Scam?

Like any other growing industry, many consumers in the CBD market do not know what to watch out for – creating a perfect situation for scammers. Currently CBD market is unregulated, and anyone can enter it and start offering their products. As a result, products with appallingly low price tags attract the attention of unwitting customers. Users find getting legal, quality, and primarily effective Cannabidiol products difficult.

Real CBD vs Fake

The imposters try to defraud users with misleading labels and catchy claims. They tactfully deceive people, yet there are ways to ensure whether the CBD oil you purchase is real or fake. Knowing how scammers trick consumers is critical to enjoying a great CBD experience. Original and genuine CBD products can promote your health and wellness. On the other hand, fake CBD oil can ruin your health and it will be a blatant waste of money. 

What to Look For In CBD Oil?

The following tips can help you spot fake products. You can identify quality products quickly to meet your wellness needs.

  • Search the company’s reviews

Online reviews are a powerful tool for getting genuine and authentic information about a company. The users share their personal experiences of using a product on various websites and social media platforms that offer valuable insight into the reputation of a business. 

Looking for others’ comments on how a product worked for them and their overall experience with a brand can help you judge the quality of that product. 

  • Look for third-party lab results

Reputable companies are transparent and verify their products’ quality and potency from third-party independent labs. All reputed CBD brands get their products tested by independent labs and share results to back their claims. This information should be easily accessible or available on request.

Without lab reports, it would not be easy to trust its content, potency, and quality. Since third party lab testing is costly and time-consuming, these results show a brand’s commitment to quality, safety, and transparency. 

  • Read the product label

If you wonder how to find good CBD oil, read its label carefully. Product labels are supposed to list all the necessary information consumers need to make an informed decision. Spotting no information or tall claims about the potency and effectiveness of the product should ring the bell. A label containing accurate information on the product’s concentration and ingredients seems trustworthy. Verifying this information from the certificate of analysis can prove your best bet to getting quality CBD products. 

Final Thoughts

CBD products such as CBD softgels by cbdMD or CBDfx offer incredible wellness support with no to little side effects. However, getting the maximum from your Cannabidiol experience depends on getting quality CBD products. The above-listed suggestions can help you find quality CBD products and enjoy improved health and wellness.

Michael Levin is a CBD enthusiast, a researcher, writer and editor in the cannabis space, experienced CBD user and educator. He believes CBD can help improve our overall health and wellbeing.

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