Ila Kreischer Bio (Bert’s Daughter) Age, Boyfriend, Career, More

In today’s world celebrity’s children are getting more attention than the celebrities themselves. Fans just hear the names of star children and get mad to know all the details about them. The same is the case with Bert Kreischer’s daughter. In this article, you will be getting details about Bert’s daughter Ila Kreischer. So without wasting much time let’s just dive into the details.

Ila Kreischer Bio:

Ila Kreischer is the daughter of very famous comedian Bert Kreischer. Bert has a very pretty daughter and her beauty is adored by everyone. Ila is famous due to her celebrity parents.

The star child was born in 2007 and she is only 14 years old. She was born in Los Angeles, USA.  If we talk about her nationality then she is an American. Ila is Christian by religion. Her zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Ila Kreischer’s Physical Appearance:

Ila is a very cute and innocent 14 years old girl with a very perfect height. She is 4 feet and 8 inches tall and weighs only 45 kilograms. Ila has very pretty and attractive eyes of dark brown color. Her hair color is blonde. Overall Bert’s daughter is a packet of cuteness.


As Bert himself is a very successful actor and comedian, fans’ expectations for his children are also very high. They expect their children to be well educated.

So if we talk about Ila Kreischer’s education then she is studying in some private school in California. The name of any institute is not yet mentioned by family. So it is not known in which school or college she is studying. According to her age, she must be in school.

Ila Kreischer Personal Life:

Fans just don’t see age or anything they just set their expectations. As Ila is only 14 years old she is very young to have a boyfriend or husband. She is single and lives with her parents only. Ila does have some friends. But there are no details related to her love life.

Ila Kreischer Siblings:

Ila Kreischer

Bert has a very cute and small family. Ila has only one sister and her name is Georgia Kreischer. And if we talk about her brother then she doesn’t have any brother. Her relationship with her sister is very beautiful. She loves her sister a lot. There are a lot of pictures in which they both can be seen hugging each other and describing the bond that both sisters share.

Bert Kreischer Family:

Bert Kreischer is a very well-known actor and stand-up comedian in America. She is married to LeeAnn who is also very famous for hosting a podcast. Both met on set and they first became friends and later on, they started to date each other. They dated each other for a couple of years and then they got married. They gave birth to two beautiful girls Ila and Georgia Kreischer. They are a very happy family and live together.

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Net Worth:

As you guys know, she is only 14 years old and is studying in school. Ila has not started her career yet. But hopefully, like her parents, she might step her foot into acting. But her father’s net worth is 100 million$.

Interesting facts about Ila Kreischer:

1-   She likes purple and blue colors.

2-   Ila enjoys the spring season a lot.

3-   Her favorite actresses and singers are Jennifer Aniston and Ariana Grande respectively.

4-   Ila Kreischer loves to dress up and her fashion sense is very good.


Ila Kreischer is a very cute teenager and is famous because of her celebrity parents Bert and LeeAnn. All details about her are shared about the hope you like them.

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