Throwback Triumphs: Celebrating the Icons and Traditions of College Athletics

Since ages ago, there has been a very intricate connection between the two worlds of sports and fashion. While one of them deals with the athletes getting down and dirty in the fields, the other involves being in style and exuding a charm that one usually associates with athletes. Thus, it has always been a trend that the players who go about their sport wear several trend-setting garments that help them show off their pride in their sport and also speak about their personal choices. The athlete’s outfits are a testament to the hard work they have put into their pursuit to shine in their fields. 

In the past few decades, there have been stories of the rise of several sporting icons who are hailed as the doyens of their fields. To name a few of them, Michael Jordan, Michael Phelps, Lewis Hamilton, etc, have all shone bright in their fields and continue to do so even today. They have contributed largely to the advancement of sports as we know it today. And they have all set trends with their outfits such as vintage NFL shirts. In this article, we will try to dissect the fashion choices of these iconic presences in the fields. We will talk of the legendary sportsmen who were also fashion icons. And we will give you the names of some designers who have delved into the world of college athletics fashion too. Lastly, we will give you the names of some of the brands that sell sports fashion inspired by these legendary sportspersons.

Legendary Sports Icons Who Were Also Fashion Trendsetters

  • In the world of motorsports, Lewis Hamilton is regarded as a beacon of hope for all the people of color and the Black racers who have not been able to make it to Formula 1. As the only racer from a marginalized society to achieve a spot in the pinnacle of motorsports, Lewis Hamilton uses his platform to advocate all kinds of social causes at all times. And he reflects those causes by wearing specially designed clothes to the F1 paddock. Flamboyant colors, amazing designs, and rich motifs are a mark of Lewis Hamilton’s styling.
  • Michael Jordan is hailed as the undisputed legend of the Basketball field by countless fans. He rose to prominence in the 1990s by showing off his amazing fashion choices too. His clothes and shoes became so popular that Jordan retired from the field and switched to the business of selling sneakers by becoming a business mogul. Even today, a pair of sneakers is the most prized possession of all the sports fans who spend thousands of dollars to create an entire collection of those sneakers.
  • Coming to tennis, there have been several superstars who deserve special mention when talking about the field of fashion. Serena Williams, often held with regard by her fans as the undisputed queen of the court, has served as a Chairwoman for the Met Gala alongside Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour. There have also been stars like Maria Sharapova who switched to the world of business by introducing their clothing lines consisting of items such as vintage sports shirts for their fans! 

Top 3 Brands That Have the Largest Collection of Fashionable Apparel for Athletes


Nike needs no formal introduction as there is hardly any sports fashion fanatic who does not know about this brand. They have initiated the legendary Air Jordans by Michael Jordan that so many basketball fans fawn over. Their clothing lines reflect enormous varieties that are celebrated by many fans of fashion like you. 

Vintage Brand 

Vintage Brand is the most prominent up-and-coming vintage sports fashion brand that you must check out if you are into these types of athletic wear. Their products preserve the forgotten charm of old-school athletic clothing while also incorporating modern technologies like improved fabric quality and other such aspects.

Under Armour

This is one of the newer brands that has become quite a phenomenon in the fashion world these days. They cater to a wide range of customers all over the world as they do international shipping. And they have garnered great reviews too, thanks to the quality of their products. 


Thus we have talked in detail about how the iconic people who make up the ‘Hall of Fame’ in the sports world are fashion symbols for their fans. They have introduced various new styles and designs to the world by starting their businesses and also collaborating with other international designers to initiate their clothing lines. As a fan of all things fashion, you might want to have a taste of these trends set by the sportspersons.

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